Summer Sleep Tips for Staying Cool

Keeping cool on hot summer nights may mean adjusting your AC settings, running a fan while you sleep, or opening the windows for some refreshing nighttime air—but your bedding choices also play a role in achieving the perfect sleep temperature. If your bedding traps heat and moisture, you’ll feel sweaty and uncomfortable. Follow these five tips for hot sleepers to make the perfect summer bed, explore some bonus tricks, and learn how to adjust as seasons change.

Five Summer Bedding Tips for Better Sleep

If you’re too hot to sleep, your bed may need a few adjustments for summertime comfort. But, that doesn’t mean simply kicking off the covers: Bedding layers can help keep you cool. Here’s how to make the perfect summer bed.

Start With a Cooling Base:

A mattress pad or topper can help regulate your body temperature. Choose a cooling gel or foam mattress topper for comfort. Or, try a wool mattress pad: Wool is moisture-wicking and helps regulate your body temperature naturally, so it’s perfect in any season.

Choose Sheet Fabrics Made For Summer Weather:

The best fabrics for summer sheets are natural, lightweight, breathable, and moisture-wicking—these features keep you cool and comfortable in hot weather.

Sheet Material Why It's Great for Summer
Linen Absorbs moisture, breathable
Percale Crisp and cool
Cotton & TENCEL™ Lyocell Breathable, moisture-wicking, sustainable
Rayon made from Bamboo Soft, breathable, good for year-round comfort

BONUS TIP: Your pillow plays a role in comfort, too: Our down and down alternative pillows and gel-infused pillows are designed to promote airflow.

Use Lightweight Bedding Layers:

Multiple bedding layers allow you to adjust as needed throughout the night. Start with a fitted sheet, then mix and match additional layers as you wish—it’s all up to you, so choose based on your preferred warmth level.

Top It Off With a Lightweight Comforter:

A comforter in the summer? Of course! Our lightweight comforters are just right for summer—or year-round use in warm climates. They’re breathable, so you don’t overheat while you snuggle up. Pair an all-season or lightweight duvet insert with a duvet cover, or choose a comforter in a summery color or print. When it comes to fill, both down and down alternative work in warm weather.

BONUS TIP: Choose a duvet cover in a summer-ready material for just-right comfort. The materials you’d look for in sheets also apply here: opt for lightweight, breathable materials that wick away moisture for the best sleep.

Keep an Extra Blanket Handy:

Keep a throw blanket or lightweight quilt at the foot of the bed. If you wake up chilly, pull up the extra layer for a bit of warmth. You can even skip the comforter and layer blankets as necessary. Find ultra-lightweight blankets or more substantial options to suit your needs. Cotton, bamboo blend, lightweight down or down alternative, and summer weight wool blankets are perfect.

Consider Other Sleep Factors

Look beyond your sheets to solve summertime sleep problems.

  • Ensure your nighttime routines contribute to healthy sleep. Implement a no-screens-in-bed rule, take a relaxing bath before bed, or try a wind-down mindfulness exercise to help you settle.
  • Pets may add warmth that can keep you up. Encourage them to snooze in their own bed.
  • Shoulder seasons can make finding the right temperature difficult, so update your bedding layers as needed: Swap your lightweight comforter for a mid-weight option, add a second cotton blanket beneath your coverlet, or change out your summertime sheets for a more substantial material.
  • Your PJs may trap body heat, which can contribute to poor sleep. Explore our ultra-comfy, cool, and breathable cotton pajama sets for men, women, and kids.

Creating the ideal sleep space comes down to personal preference, so find what works for you. For more bedding and sleep tips for every season, explore our other Guides.