5 Reasons a Duvet Cover Is Great for Kids

When it comes to kids’ bedding, we love the ease and appeal of a classic duvet cover. At once decorative and functional, a kids’ duvet cover slips over a comforter or insert like a pillowcase, adding a layer of protection and a touch of fun to any bed. Our kids’ duvet covers are available in high-quality fabrics little ones love to cuddle under, and showcase an array of playful, colorful prints perfect for kids of all ages. Explore five reasons we consider a duvet cover a top choice for kids, plus tips for choosing the perfect duvet cover and insert.

Benefits of Kids’ Duvet Covers

There are many reasons a duvet cover is the perfect choice for kids. When paired with an insert, this versatile bedding piece offers all the benefits of a comforter—plus a few extra perks.

Whether due to dirt dragged in from outdoors, snacks snuck into the bedroom, or accidental spills, kids’ beds are bound to get dirty—so the best kids’ bedding is easy to wash. Duvet covers are much easier to clean than inserts or other bulky bedding options. Most kids’ duvet covers are made from machine-washable materials, so double check the care instructions then simply remove the duvet cover and toss it into the wash when accidents occur.

Parents of picky kids who like minimal layers when sleeping will appreciate the flexibility afforded by a duvet cover. A duvet cover creates a barrier between your kid and the comforter or insert, rendering a flat sheet unnecessary if your child so prefers. Of course, if the duvet cover is used sans flat sheet, wash it frequently to keep it fresh and clean.

Whether your kid finds a new favorite thing every few months or prefers to embrace seasonal accents throughout the year, it’s easy to keep up when you can simply swap one duvet cover for another. A new duvet cover is less expensive and needs less storage space than a bulky comforter—making it a smart choice for switching up your kid’s bedding look.

kids doing headstand on bed

Pair kids’ duvet covers with the perfect insert for optimal comfort. Duvet inserts range from super-light to extra-warm, so there’s an option to suit kids’ varied sleeping preferences or customize the warmth level for the season. For year-round comfort or kids who sleep hot, pair a lightweight duvet insert with a crisp cotton percale cover that’s cool to the touch. Up the warmth by swapping the percale cover for cozy jersey knit, using a heavy insert instead of an all-seasons option, or layering the bed with a coordinating quilt or blanket.

Our kids’ duvet covers are designed to last. They are made with pill-resistant organic cotton percale, warm, fuzzy flannel, or durable, easy-care jersey knit, so they stand up to frequent washing and busy kids. Sturdy corner ties hold the duvet insert in place—regardless of how much tossing, turning, or jumping happens on the bed.

kid with woodland bedding

How To Choose a Kids’ Duvet Cover and Insert

Once you’ve decided on a duvet cover, it’s time to choose the perfect pattern, color, and insert. Here are our tips for finding the perfect duvet cover for your kids’ room.

  • Decide between solid vs. pattern duvet covers. Consider how your child uses their room, and choose accordingly. A duvet cover with a white background is perfectly practical if they only use their room for rest—but if it doubles as a playroom, a duvet with a darker pattern may be the more sensible selection, as it hides stains.
  • Consider the color of your insert. White duvet inserts and light-colored comforters are not likely to peek through a duvet cover, but if you have a dark or printed comforter, a dark duvet cover is your best bet for hiding the hue and pattern underneath.
  • Give kids a choice. Children are more likely to feel good about things they’ve had a say in, so let your child choose their bedding. To avoid uncoordinated chaos, first narrow bedding options to two or three you can live with—then let your kid pick.
  • Meet in the middle. If you’re concerned about committing to an all-over print, pair a solid duvet cover with pattern shams chosen by your child to create a bedding look you can update easily as their tastes change.
  • Add a duvet insert for just-right comfort. Choose from down and down alternative inserts in weights ranging from super-light to extra warm depending on your child’s preferred sleeping temperature. Or, use a duvet cover with a comforter you already know they love—just remember if the comforter doesn’t have corner loops it may be harder to keep in place.

Whether you’re looking for your child’s forever bedding or linens perfectly suited to a specific stage, comfortable and easy-to-clean duvet covers are a flexible, kid-friendly option that pleases parents, too. For more bedding inspiration, ideas, and advice, explore our other Guides.