What You Should Know About Buying a Comforter

Buying a comforter is a perfect way to improve your bed’s coziness while also switching up your bedroom’s decor. Whether in a solid color, floral pattern, whimsical animal print, or a classic plaid or stripe, comforters give the bed a fluffy, inviting look. Our down and down alternative comforters are “down” right cozy. Here are our top tips for choosing a comforter you’ll love.

Get the Right Comforter Warmth Level

If your region is temperate, or your bedroom is very climate-controlled, your best comforter for summer and winter might be one and the same. All-season comforters fit the bill when you tend to sleep at a comfortable temperature year-round.

Best Comforters for Summer and Hot Sleepers

Shop our lightweight comforters to find pleasant options for warmer months. With a shell of crisp cotton percale, our lightweight comforters allow air flow that keeps you insulated but helps your body regulate its temperature. People who tend to sleep hot may prefer a lightweight comforter year-round.

Best Comforters for Winter and Cold Sleepers

If temperatures dip in the winter in your area, or if you appreciate burrowing into warm bedding and despise waking up chilly at night, browse extra-warm comforters. Their plentiful fill creates air pockets that gently trap warmth—but even our warmest comforters are still breathable, so you don’t feel overheated or sweaty.

Man and woman under a dual comforter

Dual Weight Comforters

Sometimes one warmth level just can’t please everyone! Check out our dual weight comforters if you share a bed with someone whose warmth preference differs from yours. Available in Queen, King, and California King, these comforters are customized with a different warmth level on each side.

Consider the Comforter Shell and Fill

The comforter shell is the exterior—the part that you see and touch. Hidden inside the shell is the fluffy fill that gives a comforter its loft. The main types of fill are down and down alternative, a lofty synthetic polyester fill.

Shell: Thread Count and Material

When it comes to a shell’s thread count (the number of threads in a square inch), don’t just go for quantity. At The Company Store, we emphasize quality—we source strong, long-staple cotton, soft rayon made from bamboo, and TENCEL™ Lyocell to craft soft, strong, breathable bedding.

Our premium materials are spun into high-quality threads, which can be woven or knit into comforter shell fabric. We offer solid comforters in down and down alternative options, as well as fashion comforters in a variety of prints and patterns with a lofty, down-free synthetic fill.

  • Percale is a crisp weave that provides comfort at all temperatures
  • Sateen is a silk-like weave that creates a dense fabric best suited for warm and extra-warm comforters
  • Jersey-knit fabrics are stretchy and comfy, like a favorite t-shirt
  • Rayon made from bamboo and TENCEL™ Lyocell are often blended with cotton to produce a moisture-wicking, breathable shell

Hypoallergenic Down Comforters

Down is nature’s insulator. Down comforters are justifiably famous for their lightweight, cozy comfort, and luxurious feel. Our RDS-certified down is ethically sourced, and it goes through a meticulous cleaning process to make it hypoallergenic—so you can rest easy.

Lofty Down Alternative Comforters

For those who prefer an alternative to down, we offer comforters made with premium PrimaLoft® or exclusive LoftAIRE™. These lightweight, breathable, synthetic fill options are engineered to mimic the loft and insulation of genuine down clusters. Down alternative comforters tend to cost less than down varieties, making the cozy look and feel more affordable.

Choose Machine-Washable Comforters for Easy Care

Most of our down and down alternative comforters are machine washable, while others should be dry cleaned, so consider your needs and check the laundering instructions before you buy.

Comforter coming out of a washing machine

Experts recommend cleaning comforters two or three times a year—the change of seasons is a popular time. But depending on your situation, you may want to launder more frequently: if pets enjoy your bed, if you have young kids, or if you lounge on top of your comforter, it may collect more skin oils, dirt, pet hair, grime, or crumbs, and need cleaning more often. If that’s the case, choose a machine-washable option for fuss-free cleaning. Always follow the laundering instructions from the manufacturer, but many machine-washable comforters should be laundered in a large front-loading machine and dried thoroughly.

Choose your weight, fill, and laundering preference and you’ll be wrapping up in comfort in no time. Or head to our Comforter Buying Guide for more in-depth information about comforter construction, types of down, and fill power. Happy dreaming!