What’s the Best Comforter for Summer?

Love the feel of a comforter, but don’t want to overheat when summer rolls around? We’ve got you covered. Explore our top tips for choosing the best comforter for hot summer weather (or as a year-round bed topper in warmer climates), and check out our bonus tricks for layering your bed during warmer seasons.

Are There Summer-Weight Comforters?

One of the perks of a comforter is its plush, cloudlike style–and that lofty look doesn’t have to wait for winter. Whether you choose down or down alternative fill, a lightweight summer comforter is a breathable bedding option that offers just-right warmth for summer nights. Our comforter weight options allow you to choose the warmth level that works for you, so this fluffy top layer can be personalized exactly to your preferences.

QUICK TIP: We love both down and down alternative comforters in summer, but if you prefer pure down bedding, look for a lower fill power—it traps less air per ounce, which means a cooler bed.

What Type of Comforter is Best for Summer Use?

Comforter Weight Good for Summer Use?
Light Warmth Just Right!
Medium Warmth Good for cool sleepers
Extra Warmth Too warm unless you keep the AC on frosty
Ultra Warmth Save it for winter!

Can’t decide or have different sleep preferences than your partner? Our dual comforter is a versatile option that fits every couple or season!

What Comforter Materials Are Breathable?

Look for breathable comforter shell materials that keep your bed from turning into a sauna during the night. Both conventional and organic cotton are breathable shell fabrics. In the summer, some people prefer the crisp, cool feel of cotton percale, while cold sleepers appreciate the added warmth of heavier cotton sateen.

Hot sleepers often prefer a lower thread count in summer: it looks just as lovely as a higher thread count shell, but the looser weave offers improved airflow for comfort. Consider other breathable alternatives as well, such as linen or rayon made from bamboo or TENCEL™ blends that are moisture-wicking.

How Do You Layer a Bed for Summer?

The comforter isn’t the only bedding piece to consider—it’s a gorgeous finishing touch, but it can’t dress the bed alone. The good news is, layers aren’t just for winter. Layers work with your comforter, not against it, for a pleasant summer bed. Layers of bedding make it easy to adjust your warmth level during the night for perfect, tailored-to-you comfort. Breathability is the goal, so mix and match lightweight bedding pieces made from high-quality materials for comfortable summer sleep.

Step One: Start With the Basics

A cooling mattress pad or topper is a moisture-wicking, cushioned, and comfortable base layer that goes directly on top of your mattress. This optional layer improves comfort for better rest. Top your mattress pad with a fitted sheet, then add an optional flat sheet on top.

Step Two: Add a Top Layer

For summertime comfort, a lightweight, woven cotton blanket paired with an ultralight to medium-weight down or down alternative comforter provides just-right warmth. Pairing the two pieces allows you to adjust your warmth through the night—snuggling beneath both if it’s cool, or kicking one off if you’re too warm.

Step Three: Keep Extra Blankets Within Reach

If you fall asleep warm but wake up chilly, keep a bit more warmth within reach with extra pieces at the foot of the bed. Depending on how chilly you get, you may choose a colorful throw blanket, light, textured coverlet, or summer-weight quilt—or one of each.

Choose a lightweight down or down alternative comforter for that snuggled-up feeling, even when it’s warm. Our featherlight comforters feature top-quality down or down alternative fill in weights for any season, including options cool enough for summer. There’s no reason to give up your favorite bedding layer when temperatures climb. For more bedding tips and inspiration, check out our other Guides.