Lifetime Guarantee

Most products assembled in the La Crosse, WI factory are covered by our Lifetime Guarantee. The products may be returned at any time** (see below for exclusions). We will gladly offer you an exchange or merchandise credit towards a new product (excluding delivery fees). Look for this symbol throughout the catalog and website which indicates the product carries a Lifetime Guarantee.

** The Company Store® products are made to the highest-quality standards, right here in La Crosse, Wisconsin factory, and we’ll do whatever we can to make sure you’re completely satisfied. Please see our FAQ’s below, if you are unsure if your product falls under our Lifetime Guarantee.
1.  What products are made in the La Crosse, Wisconsin factory that are covered by the Lifetime Guarantee?
Any of our down, down and feather blend, or synthetic down products. Down, down and feather blend, or synthetic down items include pillows, comforters, blankets, featherbeds, mattress pads, and specialty pillows.
2.  Whose lifetime does the “Lifetime Guarantee” cover?
The guarantee covers the lifetime of the household of the individual who placed the order.
3.  What if there are quality issues with my product?
Any quality issues because of the assembly process would be a valid reason to submit a request for consideration under the lifetime guarantee. Assembly issues would include but are not limited to: excessive down leaking; stitching of the pattern or edge coming undone; the cording along the outer edge is not connected or is loose; the fabric is not dyed consistently across the item; product is not made to specification, such as an incorrect stitch pattern; or the product is labeled incorrectly.
4.  What if the merchandise has been altered, has visible staining, or has been damaged?
Visible staining such as pet stains, food stains, or human bodily fluids voids the Lifetime Guarantee. Alterations to the product, improper care of product, such as not following cleaning instructions, or man/pet made damages are other examples that would void the Lifetime Guarantee. All Lifetime Guarantee returns go through a careful inspection process. If the returned product is beyond normal wear and tear, an email will be sent stating why the item does not fall under our Lifetime Guarantee.
5.  Is the Lifetime Guarantee retroactive?
No. The Lifetime Guarantee only applies to purchases after February 10, 2006.
6.  Do I need a receipt, proof of purchase or tags attached?
All tags, including The Company Store® and item labels, should be attached to the product. Proof of purchase should also be included with your original email requesting lifetime guarantee consideration. Proof of purchase can be the original order or shipping confirmation, credit card statement, or packing slip. If you do not have proof of purchase, Customer Service will make every attempt to locate your original order. If proof of purchase cannot be located, the item would not be eligible for lifetime guarantee consideration.
7.  What are my return options?
We will offer you a replacement of equivalent merchandise or a merchandise credit of the original purchase price of the item (excluding original delivery fees) towards a new order.
8.  How do I request consideration for a Lifetime Guarantee return?
Please call us at 1-800-289-8508 and advise that you would like consideration for a lifetime guarantee. We will notate your account and provide instructions for the next steps. Those steps will include taking the following pictures:
  1. The Company Store tag attached to the product
  2. The item tag showing the item number attached to the product
  3. Picture of the front of the product
  4. Picture of the back of the product
  5. A close up photo of the problem area of the product you feel qualifies for return under the lifetime policy
Next, please send an email to In the email, in addition to attaching the five pictures, please include your name, address, phone number and a copy of the original proof of purchase. The proof of purchase can be your order confirmation, ship confirmation or packing slip.

Our Lifetime Returns Specialist will begin reviewing your email and photographs once we receive them. You will receive a phone call or email within 7-10 business days to continue the process of exchanging the product for a new item, applying credit towards a new order, or sending you a gift card for a future purchase. If the item does not meet the conditions of our Lifetime Guarantee policy, we will contact you as well.