How to Layer Your Bed in 5 Easy Steps

Layers: What All the Best-Dressed Beds are Wearing

The secret to a visually appealing and ultra-comfortable bed? Layers! Choosing versatile bedding will let you customize your comfort, whether you sleep warm or like to burrow in at night. But what bedding layers are “must haves?” And, how do you make your bed properly? Let us help you create a bed that calls to you every night (and even during the day).

Step 1: Choose the Right Sheets

The right bed sheets can make the difference between a good night’s sleep and a night spent tossing and turning. What sheets are right for you? Well, that depends on personal preference.

Hot vs. Cold Sleepers

Bed sheet fabrics differ in feel, warmth, and style. Are you a “kick the covers off” kind of person? Try crisp and cool cotton percale sheets. Do you sleep with just your nose peeking out from the covers? Super soft flannel will keep you cozy. No matter your preference, there is a sheet material that is perfect for you.

Do You Need a Flat Sheet?

Nowadays, using a flat sheet is a personal choice. For some, it is an essential bed layer for a well-made bed—it keeps your comforter or quilt clean and helps regulate temperature. But others ask, “what’s the point?” The flat sheet just ends up crumpled at the bottom of the bed and makes making the bed even more annoying. The debate will likely wage on for years to come, but fortunately, the choice is yours. 

Styling Tip: Lay your flat sheet upside down and pull it as far up the top of the bed as you can. That way, you can fold it over your quilt or comforter and see the pretty edge of the sheet.

Step 2: Find the Perfect Quilt

A quilt is fashionable and functional—providing warmth while adding color and texture to your bed. It can be the perfect lightweight layer during the summer, or an extra insulating layer to ward off winter’s chill. A quilt can also make a statement with bright colors, bold patterns, or subtly detailed stitching. Your bed is the focal point of the room, so why not make it stand out?

Classic Solids

A solid color quilt can add texture to your bed, while also creating a blank canvas for you to “paint” on with your other bedding layers. Pure cotton quilts, like our favorite Company Quilt, look great paired with fun patterned sheets, while soft matelassé adds texture, rich color, and subtle sophistication to the room. 

Fashion Forward

Explore handcrafted quilts gorgeous enough to frame: Choose a patchwork quilt with bold geometric designs and colors, or a global-chic woodblock print inspired by ancient Indian artisan techniques and turn your bed into a work of art.

Styling Tip: Tuck your quilt in or let the sides hang down—your choice—then fold the top down to leave room for your pillows. Fold your flat sheet over it for a nice, layered look.

Step 3: Select the Comforter That’s Right for You

No bed is complete without a fluffy comforter—also called a ‘duvet insert.’ Comforters come in all sizes, warmth levels, and fills. Whether you love the natural insulation of down or prefer down alternative fill, a lush comforter will make your bed a cozy retreat.

Down vs. Down Alternative

We can’t lie: We’re “down” with down. It’s where The Company Store started, and down remains our favorite comforter and pillow fill. All our down is ethically sourced and RDS-certified. However, we recognize that not everyone is as in love with down as we are, so we offer comforters filled with our exclusive down alternative LoftAIRE™, as well as PrimaLoft®—both down-free options mimic the warmth and loftiness of down.

Battle of the Covers

The battle of the covers may be one of the most epic in history, but a truce can now be called. We know many couples have different temperature preferences when sleeping and that makes our Lacrosse™ Dual Comforter simply genius. It’s available in down and down alternative, and each side is crafted with a different warmth level—so you can both find the comfort you desire. 

Styling Tip: Use your comforter to fully cover the top of your bed or as a fluffy layer folded at the bottom. Just be sure to fold accordion style so it’s easy to pull on when chilly nights arrive.

Step 4: Pick a Duvet Cover That Reflects Your Personal Style

Available in a vast array of fabrics, colors, and patterns, duvet covers are so versatile and easy to use that you can switch out your style every season—or even every week, if you choose. Choose a solid color duvet cover and add fun accents, or go with a bold floral, classic stripe, or subtle contemporary patterned duvet cover and coordinate with solid sheets. 

Comforter Protection

Duvet covers are universally recognized as the most easy-care bedding option for a reason: They work double time, allowing you to showcase your personal style while also protecting your comforter. While laundering a quality comforter can be time consuming—and expensive if dry cleaning is required—a duvet cover is easy to remove and machine wash. All our duvet covers feature ties in the corners that attach to loops on our basic bedding comforters to provide a custom fit.

A Little Something Extra

Need even more warmth? Try a soft flannel duvet cover. Our velvety flannel bedding and duvet covers provide an additional level of softness and a hint more warmth to ensure your bed is the coziest it can be.

Styling Tip: Like things extra fluffy? Consider stuffing your duvet cover with two inserts instead of one OR use a larger comforter with a smaller duvet cover (for example, a king size comforter with a queen size duvet cover).

Step 5: Add a Blanket or Throw for the Finishing Touch

No bed is complete without that final layer—whether folded neatly at the end of the bed or tossed casually across the middle, a throw blanket is a necessity. They are also great to take along when climbing out of bed to face the day just feels too daunting. 

Texture & Color

In addition to being warm and cozy sleep companions, throw blankets are accents that add texture, color, and warmth to a room. With so many different fabrics, patterns, colors, and styles to choose from, it’s easy to find one that’s perfect for you. 

How to Use A Throw Blanket

A throw blanket is one of the most versatile bedding pieces, as at home on your couch as on your bed. There are lots of ways to use a throw blanket to add to your decor. Make it look effortless by arranging it casually on the bed in a way that invites you to curl up in it and read a good book. Fold it neatly at the end of your bed to break up the expanse of a king bed. Or, use two throw blankets in complementary hues for an added touch of color.

Styling Tip: Throws don’t need to stay at the end of your bed. Choose a larger throw or blanket and pull it three quarters up the bed to add warmth and visual interest. 

P.S. Don’t Forget the Pillows!

We subscribe to the idea that you can NEVER have too many pillows. Of course, you need your basic sleeping pillows, and we have plenty to choose from—no matter what your sleeping style. But, no well-dressed bed is complete without an assortment of decorative pillows. Pillow inserts come in all shapes and sizes, and our wide selection of shams and pillow covers makes it easy to express your personal style.