Down FAQs


What should I know about down comforters?
Today there are many companies that sell down comforters, pillows and featherbeds. Many will advertise their products as the best "bargain" quoting a low price as justification of value. But, take a closer look and compare. If they don't offer you facts on fill power, type of fill, how much down is used, or how comfortably you can expect to sleep, you're not getting the whole story and you probably aren't getting the best value either. At The Company Store, we provide you with all the facts you need to make an intelligent purchase. When you look at the facts, and compare our quality and lifetime guarantee, you'll find our comforters are the real bargain.

What is Down?

Simply put, it's nature's finest insulator. Down keeps you cozy in winter, provides a light breathable layer in warmer weather. Unlike feathers which are stiff and flat, down clusters are structured somewhat like snowflakes, with dozens of soft, fine filaments. We use only premium down from mature birds that have superior down clusters. As the filaments "loft", they trap air and body heat, creating thousands of tiny warmth pockets, which is what keeps you comfortable, and what makes our down so luxuriously lightweight.

Can allergy sufferers use down?
Most "down allergies" are actually caused by dust and impurities present in down. All down used by The Company Store is purified up to 10 different times, in state-of-the art equipment constructed especially for this task. We also make sure the cleaners used on all our down are non-toxic and phosphate-free.

How do I choose the proper comfort level?
All of our fine down comforters are labeled according to comfort level. We offer a range of comfort levels from Super Light to Ultra Warmth to suit our customers' individual sleeping preferences.

  Super Light Comfort
Ideal for warmer climates, summer sleeping or those who prefer to sleep on the cooler side. This "breathable" light layer maintains body temperature.
  Light Comfort
For year round sleeping comfort, this light fill works in a wide range of climates and bedroom temperatures. Best for those who prefer to sleep a bit warm.
  Medium Warmth
Plenty of down for year round warmth, many of our most popular comforters are found in this category.
  Extra Warmth
The name says it all. A touch more down for guaranteed extra warmth, makes these comforters extra toasty and incredibly comfortable.
  Ultra Warmth
Our warmest. For those who simply demand the warmest in sleeping comfort.

What is thread count?

Thread count refers to the number of threads per inch of a particular fabric. This means the higher the thread count, the smoother and silkier the fabric is to touch. For example, our 232 thread count cotton cambric comforter shells are woven with 232 threads per single square inch of fabric. The tighter weave of high thread count fabrics also acts as natural "down proofing", keeping down from leaking out. And our most luxurious comforters and linens are made from fabrics with thread counts as high as 400!

What is the significance of the various comforter stitches?

While the visual differences of the various stitches are quite noticeable, they also offer a different comfort. Some permit "shifting," allowing you to move the down where it's most desired; others keep the down evenly in place.

Karo Stitch

Classic European pattern with a lofty, plush look. Open-sided "German Diamonds" allow you to fluff down evenly or concentrate it where you want more warmth.
Baffled Stitch

The unique construction creates box-shaped pockets that allow maximum lofting and minimize shifting for even comfort with absolutely no cold spots.
Square Stitch

Classic pattern keeps down from shifting for even heat-distribution. Bigger squares allow down to loft fully for warmer comfort; smaller squares offer moderate warmth.
Fashion Stitch

Unique, limited-edition designs available only through The Company Store®combine warmth and beauty for a special look.

What is fill power?
Fill Power is a guide used to measure a particular down's ability to warm. Fill Power is calculated by placing an ounce of down in a cylinder and recording the space that it occupies. The higher the fill power, the more fluff in the down, the better down traps air; and it's the trapped air that keeps you warm. High fill power down gives you more warmth with much less weight. At The Company Store, we use seven types of down, and a hypo-allergenic down alternative called Primaloft?

Traditional vs. Supersize what's the difference?
Traditional size comforters are just that, made to the traditional size standards. Each will amply cover you and your bed with a 10" to 12" drop, plus traditional size comforters will fit more standard sized comforter covers. Our supersized comforters is cut a bit roomier with about a 15" drop, that's 4" wider and 10" longer on a queen, which gives you more warmth and comfort. A supersize comforter has a more elegant draped look, plus it eliminates cover stealing.

How do I care for and maintain a Down Comforter?
It's surprisingly easy. With only a little care, your down comforter will provide years of luxurious comfort. Between cleanings, protect your comforter from soil and ware with a comforter cover, or duvet. An occasional outside airing will also help maintain freshness. When cleaning is necessary, most of our down products can be machine laundered according to the care instructions on the label. For more info, check out our Down Care Guide.

What's the difference between a duvet and a comforter cover?

Quite simply - absolutely nothing! At The Company Store we use "comforter cover" rather than "duvet" for the ease and consistency.

How do I pick the perfect comforter for me?
The Company Store has the perfect solution. Pick The Perfect Comforter from over 100 choices!