Family Flannel Pajamas

Snuggle up in soft & cozy flannel for the entire family

Why Family Flannel Pajamas?

With busy schedules and school for the kids, family time can be limited. With matching Family Pajamas, families everywhere can put down everything and share a night together. This year, we invite you to start a new tradition with your family in our cozy flannel pajamas.

The Company Store x Ronald McDonald House New York

The Company Store® will donate $1.00 for every pair of family pajamas purchased, now until December 16th, to the Ronald McDonald House® New York.

This holiday season, help us support The Ronald McDonald House® of NY and its dedication to creating programs that help children and their families by purchasing our set of family flannel pajamas. Your contribution will help create, fund, and support programs that improve the health and well-being of children. We believe that when a child is hospitalized, the love and support of family is the strongest medicine. This is why we encourage you to help keep families together.

Four Steps to Family Fun


Breakfast in Bed

Enjoy breakfast where you’re the coziest—in bed! Make it even better and invite the whole gang for precious family time and unforgettable memories.


Sunday Funday

Sit back, relax, and don’t let Monday ruin your Sunday. There’s nothing like eating tasty snacks, sitting on a comfortable couch, and watching the big game with family while wearing our cozy pajamas.


Bring the Movie Theater to You

Let your imaginations run wild in the comfort of your own home. Build your comfiest fort, grab some snacks, and press play!


Christmas Morning

The holidays are a time when traditions are born! Wearing our matching family pajamas when opening the presents under the tree make for remarkable cozy Kodak moments. By purchasing a pair of family pajamas, you’re helping other families make memories, too.

Find Your Family Flannel Pajamas Today!

Every year, we host our National Family Pajama Night at the Ronald McDonald House® New York. Families that participated last year said: