How to Fold and Store Towels and Other Bath Linens

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fold and store towels

Keeping your linen closet tidy is easy when you know how to fold and store your towels. Neatly folded towels and washcloths are easier to stack and are less likely to tumble when you pull one off the top. Follow these quick tips for folding and storing towels and bath linens.

Two Techniques for Storing Bath Towels

There are two main methods for storing bath towels: folding or rolling. With either method, the exact process matters less than ensuring you’re folding your towels consistently to prevent uneven stacks from toppling. Try these towel folding ideas to start, and adjust the method to suit your space.

How to Fold Bath Towels

Some people fold their towels in thirds, some in quarters. Towels folded in thirds may fit better on a narrower shelf, but there is no “right way” to fold a towel beyond keeping the corners and edges aligned—inconsistent folds mean the stacks are less stable.

  • To fold towels in quarters, start by folding in half lengthwise. Adjust the edges and smooth the towel, then fold from the other direction. Finally, fold in half once more.
  • To fold towels in thirds, once again begin by folding the towel in half lengthwise, and then in half again, adjusting the edges and smoothing the towel in between folds. Then, fold one edge toward the middle, and fold the other edge up to overlap the first so it all aligns.
folded bath towels

How to Roll Bath Towels

To roll your towels, first fold the towel in half lengthwise, and align the corners. Then, starting at one short end, begin to roll the towel. Keep it tight and adjust as necessary as you roll to create a neat little bundle. Rolled towels can be stored on a shelf, tucked into a basket, or nestled in the linen closet. Place it flap-side-down on the shelf to keep it from unrolling.

For a spa-worthy roll, fold one short end to meet the long edge to create a point. Then, fold the towel in half lengthwise. Flip the towel over and smooth the surface. Begin rolling the towel from the straight edge until you get to the pointed end. Tuck the point into the diagonal pocket that’s created. This will secure the towel so it doesn’t unroll, even if it falls out of the stack.

Is it Better to Roll or Fold Towels?

When it comes to rolling versus folding towels, there is no wrong choice. Storing rolled bath towels takes up less space than folded towels—which is handy if you don’t have a linen closet or if you need to maximize bathroom storage space. Some people prefer the appearance of a neat stack of folded towels. Both methods help prevent wrinkles and keep your linens within easy reach.

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How to Fold Other Bath Linens

Washcloths are generally folded in quarters—in half the long way, then in half again to create a square—but can be rolled if you prefer. Stack them in the linen closet, tuck them in a basket, or stash them in a drawer to keep them out of the way.

If you hang your hand towels over a towel bar or loop, fold them in half or thirds the long way, then in half to create a rectangle that can be easily draped for use when you take it out of the linen closet. Store them in a stack on a shelf, in a drawer, or in a basket.

Use a similar method to store extra bath mats or rugs: fold your rugs into thirds or quarters, and nestle them on the shelf beside the towels, in a designated drawer or basket, or in the linen closet.

Storage Tips for Bath Linens

Consider the options you have available to store your bath linens: do you have a small bathroom with little storage space, a larger area with open shelving, or need to get creative with storage ideas? Here’s some inspiration to get you started.

  • Roll and store your towels in drawers or on a hanging shelf behind the door.
  • A wine rack is a fun and functional storage option for rolled towels.
  • Create space in the cabinet beneath your sink to tuck away a few towels.
  • A ladder-style rack is a decorative and space-saving option for storing towels.
bath linen storage
  • Hang a narrow shelf—or multiple, staggered shelves—anywhere there’s free space to hold towels stacked, rolled, or stored in a basket.
  • Fold your towels lengthwise into halves or thirds, then drape them over a towel bar.
  • Store your bath towels, hand towels, and washcloths in a closet outside the bathroom.
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Keeping your linen closet organized is easier when you start with neatly folded towels. Find the method that works for you to create an uncluttered bathroom retreat. For more organization tips and tricks, explore our Inspiration Guide.