Pillow Buying Guide


Choosing the Pillow That's Right For You

On average, you spend approximately one-third of your life sleeping, so having a comfortable, high-quality pillow is imperative to getting a good night's rest. We've taken the guesswork out of choosing the pillow that's right for you. Here are a few important factors to consider:

Sleeping Position

The way you sleep will have a big impact on the firmness of your pillow.

pillows for back sleepers

Back Sleepers

Back sleepers should choose a medium support pillow that cradles the natural curvature of the upper spine, to achieve the perfect position for your head and neck.
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pillows for side sleepers

Side Sleepers

Side sleepers do best with a firm or super firm pillow that contours and cradles the head, neck and shoulders, providing an even sleeping surface to help keep the body in a horizontal line.
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pillows for stomach sleepers

Stomach Sleepers

If you sleep on your stomach, choose a soft, plump pillow that cushions the head and neck at a comfortable angle, preventing an unnatural turning to either side.
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As a general rule, people who shift sleeping positions through the night should opt for a medium-density pillow. If you spend more time on your stomach than on your back or side, however, go for a softer pillow.

Fill Type

From down and feathers to hypoallergenic materials, we have a wide assortment of fill types to create the pillow of your dreams.

Down Pillows

Lofty, lightweight and soft as a cloud, down is the most luxurious of all fills. Made from the fluffy undercoat beneath the feathers of geese and ducks, down clusters are made up of fluffy filaments that expand and intertwine to form air pockets. These clusters trap air to create nature's most effective insulator. Down is breathable, conforms wonderfully to your head and neck, and holds up better than synthetic fills. All of the down in our pillows go through a rigorous purification process to ensure that it's hypoallergenic.

Purchasing a down pillow is a worthy investment. Inexpensive store-bought pillows can lose much of their lofting and insulating ability after a relatively short time, while a well-cared for down pillow from The Company Store® may last a lifetime.
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Down/Feather Mix Pillows

Down/feather mixes tend to be more economical than all-down pillows. Feathers provide more firmness and excellent support. The more down in the mix, the loftier the pillow.
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Hypoallergenic Pillows

If you suffer from allergies, you can rest easy. We have a wonderful selection of hypoallergenic pillow fills to ensure a sniffle-free night's sleep.
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down alternative pillows
Down Alternative

Down alternative fill is made of synthetic or natural fibers, which mimic the luxurious loft of down. If you suffer from allergies, down alternative pillows would be an excellent choice. We offer three types of down alternative fills: Primaloft® Deluxe, TCS® Down-Free™ and Black Label™ Primaloft®.
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synthetic fill pillows
Synthetic Fill

Like down alternative pillows, synthetic pillows are hypoallergenic, making them ideal for allergy sufferers. Synthetic fills, such as polyester, will gently support your head and neck while offering a sniffle-free night of sleep.
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memory foam pillows
Memory Foam

Memory foam is a dense, sponge-like material, which contours to your head and neck, providing ergonomic support for a better night's rest. It's best for sleepers who prefer a firmer pillow and who have neck or spine issues.
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Fill Power

Fill power refers to the volume a single ounce of down takes up. The higher the fill power, the better the down, which means the down will have more loft, insulate better, and provide greater comfort. When comparing down products, fill power is a good measure of warmth and quality. A good quality down pillow will usually have a fill power of at least 500. Below that level, the fill may contain a lot of feathers or small, damaged down clusters.

Pillow Fill Power Description
Better Pillow 50% Down / 50% Small Feathers Combining support with the comfort of soft down with feathers. 50% down/50% feathers. Covered with a smooth, 200-thread count cotton cover.
Best Pillow 600 European White Down Our best in comfort. Silky 245-thread count cotton twill shell filled with 600 fill power European down certified Responsible Down Standard.
Supreme Pillow 600 White Goose Down Dream-like quality. White Goose Down 600 fill power. 300-thread count cotton sateen cover.
Ultimate Pillow 650-675 Hungarian White Goose Down Ultimate Hungarian White Goose Down. 600 fill power plumped to 3 levels of perfection. Satiny-smooth 400-thread count cotton damask stripe cover.
Royal Pillow 700-750 Hungarian White Goose Down Our most luxurious pillow. Superior Hungarian White Goose Down. Filled with large clusters of 700-750 fill power. 430-thread count 100% jacquard windowpane cover.

Pillow Covers

The most luxurious pillows have a quality fabric shell with a higher thread count. Thread count refers to the number of threads per square inch of fabric. Higher thread count covers (230 or more) will be softer, silkier and more durable, and, most of all, keep the fill from getting out and impurities from getting in. Structural enhancements such as these are the best way to protect against moisture and body oils, which can shorten the lifespan of a pillow. Always choose a pillow cover with a higher thread count and tighter weave over one treated with harsh chemicals.

Pillow Sizes

There are four basic pillow sizes:

Standard Pillow

20 in. x 26 in. Put one Standard pillow on a Twin bed, two across a Full or Queen bed, and three across a King bed. Takes a Standard pillowcase.

Queen Pillow

20 in. x 30 in. Perfectly paired across the top of a Full or Queen bed. Uses a Standard pillowcase.

King Pillow

20 in. x 36 in. Extra-long and ideal in pairs across the top of a King bed. Uses a King pillowcase.

Euro Pillow

26 in. x 26 in. This large, square pillow is a great backdrop for a bedding ensemble and an excellent cushion for sitting up in bed. Uses a Euro sham.

Additional Sizes and Specialty Pillows

The Company Store® also offers a wide range of decorative accent pillow inserts that tie together bedding ensembles, as well as specialty support pillows, such as knee wedges, bolsters, body pillows and maternity pillows.
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Pillow Type Support
Body Pillow Full-body pillow that gently supports your legs, back, arms and stomach. Designed with a twist for added comfort.
Bed Rest Pillow Back and arm support is perfect when reading, studying or watching TV in bed.
Maternity Pillow Two pillows connected by a smooth center section that adjusts. One pillow supports the abdomen while the other pillow supports the lower back for comfort during every stage of pregnancy.
Reading Wedge Shaped to provide comfort, it offers firm yet gentle support for the back, neck and shoulders.

Pillow Cleaning & Care


Pillow Care

For everyday upkeep, plump pillows daily when making your bed to keep the filling from becoming clumped or flattened. Our pillows are dry clean only; once or twice a year, take your down or down/feather pillow to a reputable, experienced dry cleaner. Pillow protectors should be washed once a month (along with your mattress cover).


Pillow Protectors

Now that you're investing in a good pillow, extend the life of that investment with a pillow protector. In addition to keeping your pillow clean and fresh, it offers protection from dust mites, pet dander and other allergens. We offer a wide assortment of pillow protectors at The Company Store®, from smooth, cotton sateen, and luxurious, cotton damask to hypoallergenic and organic, the ultimate protective barrier for your pillow.
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When to Replace Your Pillow

With good upkeep, a pillow can last for many years. When a pillow no longer looks evenly filled, even with daily plumping, or if you're waking up with neck or shoulder pain, it is time to replace your pillow. If you suffer from allergies, you may wish to replace your pillow every two or three years.