Top 5 Benefits of a Duvet Cover

A duvet cover works like a pillowcase that slips over a comforter or insert and is a practical bedding piece favored for both function and style. Choose a duvet cover that suits the decor in the main bedroom, or give yourself the option to update the look of your guest bed every season. From versatility to cost to easy cleaning, we’re sharing the top five advantages of using a duvet cover on any bed in your home.

Why Use a Duvet Cover?

Whether you prefer solids, prints, or patterns, there are plenty of duvet cover options to enhance any bedroom—but, beyond decor, there are many reasons why duvet covers are so popular. And, though it seems overwhelming, putting on a duvet cover is surprisingly easy: Whether you roll it up like a burrito or prefer the traditional inside-out approach, changing a duvet cover can become second nature with the right strategy and a bit of practice. Here are the top five benefits of this beloved bedding item.

Image of a bed made with floral duvet cover and shams


A versatile duvet cover allows you to refresh your bedroom decor without having to buy all-new bedding. Simply swap the duvet cover for a print that suits the season, or adapt the warmth level to changing temperatures when you pair it with a different weight insert.

Consider these favorite ways to use a duvet cover in any bedroom:

  • Update your kid’s room as they age and their tastes evolve from trucks to stripes, princesses to flowers, or bright solids to subtle neutrals.
  • Choose a cozy flannel duvet cover to chase away winter’s chill, then swap it for a lightweight linen option more suitable for summer months.
  • Fold a duvet cover—no insert needed—at the foot of the guest bed to add a touch of dimension, texture, and color that stands in as a lightweight extra layer for chilly nights.
  • Upgrade an out-of-date heirloom comforter with an on-trend duvet cover to honor both style and sentimental value.
Image of a kid's bed with polka dot duvet cover
  • Pair a single duvet cover with an oversized insert or layer two standard inserts to create an extra-lofty look worthy of your favorite five-star hotel.


A duvet cover is more than decorative: This practical bedding piece offers a layer of protection for your pricy down or down alternative duvet insert, prolonging its life and preventing damage from spills, stains, and normal wear-and-tear. With proper care and a protective duvet cover, a high-quality down alternative insert can last up to 10 years—and a down comforter’s lifespan is up to two decades.


A duvet cover necessitates the purchase of a coordinating insert, but this higher upfront investment pays off down the road: Whether you’re looking to update out-of-style bedding or add a seasonal touch to the guest bed, you’ll save money buying a new duvet cover instead of a comforter, quilt, or insert. And, using a protective cover means you’re less likely to have to replace the costly insert before the end of its expected lifespan, saving you money there, too.

Image of a bright botanical duvet cover


A duvet cover is easier to clean than its bulkier bedding counterparts, including comforters and quilts. When spills or stains inevitably occur, simply slip the duvet cover from the insert and launder according to care instructions. Most duvet covers will fit in a standard washing machine, and can be either tumble-dried or hung from a line, depending on your preferences. Opt for wrinkle-resistant cotton sateen or other easy-care duvet cover materials for the lowest-maintenance laundry routine.

BEDDING TIP: Since a duvet cover is so easy to remove and wash, it negates the need for a top sheet between you and the comforter, making it an ideal choice for sleepers who prefer fewer layers.


If you prefer to switch your bedding to suit the seasons, storage may quickly become a sticking point—especially in a small home. Duvet covers are a space-saving solution: A duvet cover offers the same style potential but requires less storage space than comforters, quilts, and even coverlets, so you can update the bed as often you’d like without worrying about where to put extra bulky bedding.

From versatility to style to ease of storage, a duvet cover boasts many benefits that make it one of our favorite bedding items for any room in your home. Explore our other Guides for more bedding tips and advice.