Pillow Guide

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When you need a little extra support or to remedy a particular problem, our special fill pillows might be the answer. We offer a range of natural fills and densities to ensure a good night's sleep.

Our support pillows are hand made to offer the right kind of comfort for your special needs. When you are in need of a body pillow, maternity pillow, reading wedge pillow or even a bean bag chair, The Company Store® support pillow collection has everything you need. All items are available in our exclusive TCS® Feather/ Down Blends, TCS® Down or TCS® Down-Free hypoallergenic fills.

Body Pillow
Full body pillow that gently supports your legs, back, arms and stomach. Designed with a twist for added comfort.
Bed Rest Pillow
Back and arm support perfect when reading, studying or watching TV in bed.
Maternity Pillow
Two pillows connected by a smooth center section that adjusts. One pillow supports the abdomen while the other pillow supports the lower back for comfort during every stage of pregnancy.
Reading Wedge
Shaped to provide comfort, offers firm, yet gentle support for back, neck and shoulders.
Knee Wedge
Unique design to ease the strain on your back by elevating and supporting your knees.