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Access by The Operator of Our Affiliates Program

    As a visitor to the The Company Store® site, you may have arrived here through a link on one of our affiliate sites. Our affiliates operate websites which they use to conduct a business or generate revenues, and The Company Store® compensates its affiliates based upon any purchases made by an affiliate-linked visitor to The Company Store® site. The operator of our affiliates program, Commission Junction, in providing its services to us, does not deal directly with our customers. A visitor who clicks on a The Company Store® link located on an affiliate's website is redirected, invisibly, through the website of Commission Junction, where its technology automatically records the IP "address" of the browser used by the visitor, but that address does not permit identification of the individual using the browser. In addition, during such redirection, Commission Junction may place a "cookie" on the hard drive of the visitor's computer through his or her Web browser (See description of cookies above). Commission Junction does not have access to data that identifies or permits the identification of any of The Company Store® customers or visitors. The operator of our affiliates program encourages you to learn more about its privacy standards by clicking here.