Natural & Down Pillows

Lofty and light, our über-luxe, down-filled pillows will provide restful slumber for years to come.

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Crafted using the same high-quality clusters as our down comforters, our down pillows are extraordinarily soft, luxurious and long-lasting. Choose from a wide selection of styles, densities and shapes, including bolster pillows, body pillows, bed rests and bolsters.

For the ultimate in opulence, our Legends Luxury Ultimate Down Pillow is a superb choice. Filled with plump, white Hungarian goose down, choose the soft pillow for stomach sleepers, the medium pillow for back sleepers and the firm pillow for side sleepers.

Encased in a shell of certified organic cotton, our Organic Pillow is an eco-friendly choice. Filled with plump, premium down, the medium-firm density makes it a good choice for back sleepers.