Pillow Guide


What Is Down?
Simply put, it's nature's finest insulator. Down is made of the light, fluffy clusters from the underbellies of geese, ducks and fowl. These clusters trap air into pockets, which is what makes down so warm and light.

What Is Fill Power?

All down is not the same. Down from larger, more mature birds offers more insulating power and a better ability to loft. These features are reflected in a down's fill power, which measures the volume, or space, taken up by one ounce of down. The higher the fill power, the better the insulating quality of the down: so fewer ounces provide greater loft. When comparing down products, fill power is a good measure of warmth and quality. The Company Store® offers six types of down with varying fill powers.

TCS® Down
500 Fill Power
Our "Better" Pillow Collection: Our introductory all-down pillow is superior to many manufacturers' more expensive down options.
TCS® White Goose Down
500 Fill Power
Our "Best" Pillow Collection: This down is preferred for its large clusters and high loft.
White Hungarian Goose Down
550 Fill Power
Our "Supreme" Pillow Collection: A higher-quality goose down with plump, resilient down clusters for exceptional loft.
Legends® Hungarian White Goose Down
800 Fill Power
Our "Royal" Pillow Collection: Our loftiest, most luxurious goose down, used for our finest comforters and pillows. This rare large-cluster white down comes from select cold climate geese.

What If I'm Allergic to Down?
Our down is meticulously cleaned to assure that it is hypoallergenic and free of dust and odor. Or try our selection of Primaloft® pillows or TCS® down-free, found only at The Company Store®. These hypoallergenic alternatives offer the ultimate in comfort, warmth and loftiness.

How Do I Choose a Density?
Consider your sleep style: do you sleep on your stomach, back or side? Or are you someone who tosses and turns throughout the night?

The way you sleep will determine the firmness of your pillow. A soft pillow is for someone who sleeps on their stomach. Medium density pillows are for back sleepers and firm pillows are for those who sleep on their side. Generally those who don't maintain a particular position through the night prefer a medium density pillow to accommodate all positions.

What’s the Difference between a Soft Pillow and a Firm Pillow?
Our pillows have the same quality of fill for each level. Our "Best" Soft Pillow is filled with lofty 500 fill power White Goose Down; Our "Best" Firm Pillow is filled with the same lofty 500 fill power White Goose Down, there are just more ounces added to it to offer more support.

How Do I Care For My Down Pillow?
When you first unpack your pillow, it may appear wrinkled and flat. You can restore the natural loft by vigorously shaking or fluffing in your dryer on LOW.

Pillow cleaning
Dry clean only: take your down or down/feather pillow to a reputable, experienced dry cleaner.