TCS® Down-Free™ Pillow 2-Pack

$39.00 - $59.00

Overview & Details

  • Synthetic hypoallergenic pillow / pillow 2-pack.
  • Down alternative pillows filled with our lofty TCS® Down-Free™ hypoallergenic synthetic fill.
  • TCS® Down-Free™ pillows are an excellent choice for allergy sufferers.
  • Pillows are soft – stomach sleeper pillow.
  • Cozy hypoallergenic pillow available in standard, queen and king sizes.
  • White.
  • Machine wash.
  • Handcrafted in our La Crosse, WI factory of fine imported materials.
  • Hypoallergenic pillows come with a lifetime warranty.

Because two’s better than one. Filled with our very own TCS® Down-Free™, a hypoallergenic synthetic fiber that mimics goose down’s luxurious loft and softness—these essential pillows are a wonderful choice for people with allergy sensitivities. Soft density is ideal for stomach sleepers. The pillows provide the same lofty look and feel as down without any of the irritants down can cause. The best part? Our hypoallergenic TCS® Down-Free™ pillows come in a 2-pack so you can enjoy two incredible pillows for the price of one. Get ready to meet the pillow of your dreams! Handcrafted in the United States of fine imported materials, our TCS® Down-Free™ 2-pack of pillows is available exclusively at The Company Store®.

Available in standard, queen and king sizes, our TCS® Down-Free™ pillow 2-pack makes any bed extra special. The sumptuous pair of pillows is also accompanied with a lifetime warranty so you can have complete peace of mind and rest easy. Pair our high-quality hypoallergenic TCS® pillows with our coordinated Company Cotton® pillow covers, sheets and bedding to create a cozy bedroom oasis everyone will appreciate.




Hello, I am searching for the same pillow that I encountered in a vacation rental. The tag reads PM74 ST and RN 120962, style AST. Is this the same pillow? Thank you!


Hi Ellen - The PM74 were the 4-pack of down-free pillows in standard size. We no longer have those pillows. The closest pillow to those pillows would be our PO57 TCS down-free pillows. Thank you for your inquiry.

Customer Service

Hi, Are these pillows considered soft? Would they be recommended for back or side sleepers? According to your pillow guide you recommend medium or firm for back or side sleepers. Which pillow protector would you advise to be the best choice for these?


Hi Martha - The TCS down-free 2-pack pillows would be consider soft/stomach pillow. I would recommend are basic cotton pillow protectors (O180). Thank you for your inquiry.

Customer Service

What are the dimensions of this pillow -- in inches? Thank you.


Hi Sharon - The TCS Down-Free Pillow 2-Pack is available in standard 20x26 inches, queen 20x30 inches, and king 20x36 inches. Thank you.

Customer Service

I was told that the fabric is Oeko Tex certified but I was also wondering if the filling was. Is it or not?


Hi Jodi- Yes the fill is Oeko Tex certified. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you.

The Company Store

Are the TCS Down Free pillows Oeko-Tex certified and if so, what parts (outer shell, insulation or both)? This is not mentioned at all in the description and so I took a chance and ordered them, but none of the tags say that it is certified so I'm assuming it is not. Please let me know, as I try to only buy bedding items that are certified.


Hello Jodi - The fabric is Okeo-Tex certified.

Customer Service

what material covers the pillows? what is the price for two standard size pillows?


Hi Marjorie -The 2-pack pillows has a microfiber cover. The price for two standard pillows is $39. Thank you.

Customer Service

Nowhere on your website can I find the actual dimensions of your pillows. Standard Weight does not help me. What is sold as "standard" today will not fit into my pillow shams. I need an 16/18" x 22/24" pillow to fill my shams. IN fact, I have several sets of shams for which its is almost impossible to find an actual standard size anymore. Sometimes the pillows won't fit into standard pillow cases either - they are way too fat. Please help! I still use full/double beds and the "standard/queen" sized things are too big. Where can I find an old-fashioned actual standard pillow and sham stuffer?

Lynnette the traditional

Hi Lynnette. The TCS® Down-Free™ Pillow 2-Pack in size standard measures 20" x 26". At the bottom of our webpage under Guides, click on Pillow Guide, then scroll down to Pillow Sizes, you will see measurements for the standard pillow as well as most of our other basic pillow sizes. If you would like to have a pillow made in a special size, may I suggest our Custom Shop. 1(800) 289-8508. M-F 8am-5pm CST. Thank you.


Lifetime Guarantee

Lifetime Guarantee
Most products manufactured in our La Crosse, WI factory are covered by our Lifetime Guarantee, and may be returned at any time. We will gladly offer you an exchange, merchandise credit towards a new product, or gift card (excluding delivery fees).

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TCS® Down-Free™ Pillow 2-Pack

Item# PO57
TCS® Down-Free™ Pillow 2-Pack
Color: White
Availability: Select Styles for Availability
$39.00 - $59.00