Quilted Warming Mattress Pad

$99.00 - $179.00

Overview & Details

  • Quilted heated mattress pad.
  • Mattress pad made from cotton blend with synthetic fill.
  • Quilted heated mattress pad features 10 adjustable warming settings, a lighted digital control and 10-hour auto-off switch.
  • Choose the mattress pad in twin, full, queen and king sizes.
  • Twin and full mattress pads come with a single control while the queen and king mattress pads come with dual controls to allow you to control your side of the bed.
  • Mattress pad fits mattresses up to 22” deep.
  • UL Approved.
  • Comes with a five-year warranty.
  • Machine wash.
  • Made in USA.

The right mattress pad can do wonders for the bed’s comfort level. It protects, cushions—and in the case of our quilted heated mattress pad—warms your mattress, helping to promote a wonderful night’s sleep. Made from a soft cotton and synthetic blend, our quilted heated mattress pad helps you get ready for the chilly months ahead. Warm and wonderful, our deluxe heated mattress pad will keep you cozy all night long with 10 adjustable warming settings and a soft, quilted top. The digital lighted control also has a 10-hour auto-off switch for safety and convenience.

Available in twin, full, queen and king sizes, the twin and full quilted mattress pads have a single control while the queen and king quilted mattress pads feature dual controls to allow you to control the heat level on your side of the bed. Our quilted heated mattress pad also comes with a five-year warranty so you can have complete peace of mind and rest easy.




Do the controls stay lit when they are on so they can be seen in the dark.? Do both controls plug into just one connection at the foot of the bed?


Hello Ellen - The controls do stay lit and both controls plug into one connection at the foot of the bed. Thank you.

Customer Service

Can you feel the wires when you are lying on top of the mattress pad?

NH lady

Hi - You should not feel the wires while laying on top of our Quilted Warming Mattress Pad. Thank you.

Customer Service

on the web item says made in the usa-but when I rec product it said made in china-the one I currently have for a K size is made in usa. want to re order Q only if it is made in usa can this be used on 220 volt?


Hello Randy - The Quilted Warming Mattress Pad is made in the USA. It can only be used on a 120 volt. Thank you.

Customer Service

Since the plug is at the bottom, can the wires be run under the mattress so they can be out of the way? Also, does it plus directly into an electrical outlet, or is there some type of converter (which I've seen on other warming mattress pads)?


Hello Elizabeth - We do not believe the wires can be run under the mattress. It does plug into an electrical outlet. Thank you.

Customer Service

Is the plug at the head or foot, or can it be either?


Hello Sally - The plug is located at the bottom of the pad. Thank you.

Customer Service

How thick is the mattress pad?


Hi - The quilted warming mattress pad is approximately 1/2 thick. Thank you for your inquiry.

Customer Service

Company store is being vague about location of plug in on mattress. Exactly where is it? Foot of bed on top. Foot of bed on side? If on top, how many inches from bottom.? A picture would be helpful. Have any customers had complaints about location of plug? Also, exactly how long are wires?


Hello Don - The plug is located at the bottom of the pad. The wire is as long as the mattress pad.

Customer Service

can this item be used with 110V/220V electricity with a plug converter?


Hello Randy - Yes it can. Thank you for your inquiry.

Customer Service

Is their an image to see where and how the chord connects to the matress pad? Thank you.


We do not have an image. The cord connects at the foot of the bed. The cord for control and plug are both extra long.

Customer Service

Where is the plug located on the mattress pad? My current one is directly on top of the mattress, not over the side, so my feet kick it all night. Is this one located out of the sleepers range of motion? Thank you so much!


The cord is within the sleeper's reach but not in the way. Thank you for asking!

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Quilted Warming Mattress Pad

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Quilted Warming Mattress Pad
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$99.00 - $179.00