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Choosing a Mattress

We're proud to introduce The Company Store® Mattress Collection, an exclusive line of Beautyrest® Recharge® mattresses that provide solid, restful sleep for years to come. Just like the down comforters we're famous for, these mattresses are US-made with pride, and packed with the finest materials for long-lasting comfort.




Soft or firm? It's a personal choice. Some people sleep better on a firm mattress, while others prefer something closer to a puffy cloud they can sink into night after night. The key is to provide individualized back support and comfort - and a Beautyrest® mattress is the perfect choice.

Regardless of your personal preference, Beautyrest® offers more options per model than any other mattress available. Regardless of your personal comfort choice you will receive support, conforming comfort, pressure relief, and an undisturbed night's sleep. Wake up feeling refreshed and recharged on your new Beautyrest®.

Our exclusive line of Beautyrest® Recharge® mattresses comes in a broad range from soft to firm, with most of our offerings falling right in the middle: on a firmness scale of one to ten, one being the firmest, most are in the four-to-seven range, with two firmer options at one and two:

Model Firmness 1-10 (firm to soft)
Ultra Capron PL Extra Firm 1
Bryanna Firm 2
Bryanna Luxury Firm Pillow Top,
Bryanna Luxury Firm,
Ultra Capron PL Luxury Firm
Ultra Capron Pl Luxury Firm Pillow Top,
Chari Ave™ Luxury Firm Pillow Top
Bonito Bay Plush,
Bryanna Plush,
Ultra Capron PL Plush
Bryanna Plush PT,
Ultra Capron PL Plush PT,
Chari Ave™ Plush PT





Beautyrest® Pocketed Coil® Technology provides conforming back support, enhanced conformability and pressure relief, and helps provide motion separation for undisturbed sleep.

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Mattress Guide

Temperature Management

SurfaceCool™ Fiber dissipates heat away from the sleep surface to help maintain an ideal sleep temperature. AirCool® Gel Memory Foam helps deliver higher airflow for a cool, comfortable sleep. AirCool® BeautyEdge™ Foam is designed to enhance airflow through the mattress and offers support and stability right to the edge.