Comforter Guide


What Is Down?

Simply put, it's nature's finest insulator. Down is light, fluffy clusters from the breasts and underbellies of geese, ducks and fowl. These clusters trap air into pockets, which is what makes down so warm and light.

What Is Fill Power?

All down is not the same. Down from larger, mature birds offers more insulating power and a better ability to loft. These features are reflected in a down's fill power, which measures the volume an ounce of down takes up. The higher the fill power, the better the insulating ability of the down, therefore fewer ounces provide greater warmth. When comparing down products, fill power is a good measure of warmth and quality. The Company Store® offers six types of down with varying fill powers.

TCS® Down
500-550 Fill Power
Our most affordable down choice. It provides soft, light warmth, yet it's superior to many manufacturers' more expensive down.
Goose Down
500-550 Fill Power
This down is preferred for its large clusters and high loft. It offers superior warmth that's wonderfully lightweight.
Goose Down
600-650 Fill Power
A higher-quality goose down with plump, resilient down clusters for exceptional loft and warmth.
Hungarian White Goose Down
600-650 Fill Power
This outstanding white goose down has the largest, most resilient clusters that provide maximum warmth with minimal weight. The resiliency of this down gives it superior longevity.
Ultimate Hungarian White Goose Down
800 Fill Power
Our loftiest, most luxurious goose down used for our finest comforters and pillows. This rare large-cluster white down comes from select cold climate geese. Ounce-for-ounce, it's the warmest and lightest.

What If I'm Allergic To Down?

Our down is meticulously cleaned to assure that it is hypoallergenic and free of dust and odor. Or try our selection of TCS® down-free and Primaloft®, found only the The Company Store®. These hypoallergenic solutions to down offer the ultimate in comfort, warmth and loftiness.

How Do I Choose A Warmth Level?

Personal sleeping preference is the primary factor in selecting the right comforter warmth level, but use these general guidelines to help you choose a comforter.

Super Light For warm climates, summer or if you prefer a room temperature 74°F or above.
Light For warmer seasons and climates, or when the room is 69°F to 74°F.
Medium A good year round choice or if you keep the room at 65°F to 69°F
Extra A cozy choice from late fall to early spring and for rooms kept between 62°F to 65°F
Ultra For people who love toasty warmth during cold winters or if the room temperature is below 62°F.

What Is The Significance Of The Various Comforter Stitches?

Baffled Stitch This unique construction creates 3-D box-shaped pockets that allow maximum lofting and minimize shifting for even comfort with absolutely no cold spots.
Box and Diamond Stitch Classic patterns keep down from shifting. Bigger squares allow high quality down to loft fully for warmer comfort; smaller squares offer moderate warmth.
Fashion Stitch Unique designs, available only through The Company Store®, combine warmth and beauty.

Traditional vs. Supersize: What's The Difference?
Traditional size comforters are just that, made to the traditional size standards. Our supersize comforter is cut 4" wider and 10" longer on a Queen size compared to our traditional size, and a generous 15" drop. This is ideal for deep or pillow-top mattresses. Our oversize comforters provide a solution for today's extra deep luxury mattresses. These comforters are 8" wider on Queen and 10" wider on supersize King.

How Do I Care For My Down Comforter And Pillow?
When you first unpack your down comforter or pillow, it may appear wrinkled and flat. You can restore the natural loft by vigorously shaking or fluffing in your dryer on LOW.

Comforter cleaning:
Hand wash or machine wash your down comforter separately, in a large front load tumble washer
Use WARM water and mild detergent on DELICATE. We suggest using our Down Fluffer and Down Cleaner
Do not bleach or iron
Thread counts that are 300 sateen and above are dry clean only