Sheep Wire Head

Color: Sheep
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Item# 74180-OS-SHEEP

Overview & Details

  • Unique bedroom decoration for kids.
  • Fun new modern take on animal trophy heads.
  • Wirework sculptures capture animal faces in remarkable 3-D detail.
  • Available in 5 designs: White Stag (16½” x 9½” x 14½”), Gray Sheep (12½” x 9¼” x 10¼”), Navy Bull (16” x 8¼” x 13¾”), Orange Rhino (11½” x 15¾” x 14½”) and Green Bear (11½” x 8¼” x 11¾”).
  • Kids' wall décor made from sturdy iron, with high-gloss painted finish.
  • Hang easily on the wall or from the ceiling.
  • Display singly or get all five for super-duper impact.
  • Imported.

This fun new modern take on trophy heads makes a proud statement in their bedroom. From antlers to ears, our sturdy iron wirework sculptures capture the faces of nature’s beloved creatures in remarkable 3-D detail, creating the perfect wall decoration for kids' rooms. Choose from five great animal designs or add them all for a truly unique bedroom décor for kids. Imported.