Joy Green

#CompanyMom, Joy Green, and her family love singing and dancing before bath time and bed.

"Our daughter loves it when we join hands with our dog and cat too. It's a wild, loud circus—and I wouldn't have it any other way."

Our family’s bedtime routine is something we look forward to all day long! As a full time working mom, it’s crazy hectic the minute I set foot in the door. Between errands, dinner and playtime, I cannot wait to get all those chores done so we can wind down as a family.

We always start the routine with an after-dinner dance party. The whole family gets comfy cozy in our robes and we dance to oldies or classic rock. Our daughter loves it when we join hands with our dog and cat too. It’s a wild, loud circus and I wouldn’t have it any other way. After the dance party, we start calming down with a bath. My husband usually blows bubbles into the tub and Kai will try to catch it with her toys. It’s hilarious to watch. Finally, we change into PJs and end the night with a book and song. We always sing “You Are My Sunshine” ever since Kai’s first night home. This is probably my favorite moment of the whole day because I get to hold her and rock her just like when she was a newborn.

I have so many fond memories of our bedtime routine. It makes me feel incredibly connected and loved. It will always hold a special place in our family.

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