The Company Store® Bath Products


How do I choose bath towels and accessories?
When choosing towels for your bathroom, there are three primary factors to consider: style, material and size. Here are some suggestions:

  1. Go for color. Colorful, eye-catching towels are an inexpensive way to alter your bath's decor and downplay existing fixtures or tile you don't like. Or choose a whimsical pattern that's sure to capture attention!
  2. Mix and match colors to add a little excitement. If you're building around a pattern (for example, a bedding or shower curtain pattern), choose two colors from the pattern (both dominant and subtle colors will work nicely) and buy coordinating solid-color towels to accent the pattern.
  3. If your house features a master suite, you may want to continue your color scheme from the bedroom into the bath.

  1. A general rule of thumb is to buy the best quality towels you can afford; good towels can last for over 10 years -- or until you want to redecorate, of course!
  2. Most towels are made of cotton, but the quality of cotton varies (as does the cost). Towels made of tightly woven, high-quality cotton offer excellent value. All of the towels and other products The Company Store carries are of the highest value and quality.
  3. Decide whether you want thick, heavy towels; soft, fluffy towels; velvety towels or textured towels. Sturdy looped towels are more absorbent than and not as soft as velvety (sheared-loop) towels. The heavier the towel, the longer it will take to dry on the towel rack and in the dryer.

    Towels come in almost as many sizes as they do cottons. It's important to know what size ranges are available when deciding which towels to buy.
  Bath Sheets: ranges from 30" x 60" to 36" x 72"
  Bath Towels: ranges from 22" x 42" to 30" x 54"
  Hand Towels: ranges from 16" x 26" to 16" x 30"
  Wash Cloths: ranges from 12" x 12" to 13" x 13"

What bathroom basics should I buy?
As a general rule, you'll want to have extra towels on hand just as you would bed linens -- one set in the bathroom, one in the closet and one in the laundry. If you or family members use an extra bath towel every day, remember to double the number of bath towels to be sure you have enough on hand. And don't forget your guests -- always be prepared for at least two guests, more if you play host frequently or have a large family.

    Bathroom Basics Checklist  
    Towels per person: Accessories per bathroom:
    3 bath towels 2 bath mats
    3 hand towels 2 shower curtains
    1 - 2 bath sheets 2 curtain liners
    6 wash cloths  

How do I care for my bath towels?
  The best way to launder a towel is to machine wash it in warm water with a mild soap. Only use bleach on white towels. Tumble dry on cotton setting and fold promptly.
  If you air dry your towels, shake them before hanging, and then shake them again when they're dry to fluff up the terry loops.
  When washing your towels, avoid fabric softeners since they contain silicones that coat the terry fibers, stiffen towels and make them practically water-repellent. Many towels will retain their soft texture for years without the use of fabric softener.
  Be sure to wash brand new towels before use; wash dark colors separately. Be aware that the first few times you wash deep-toned towels, they'll rid themselves of excess dye. This "bleeding" will stop after three or four washings.
  To freshen towels and keep them smelling sweet, add a half-cup of baking soda to the wash cycle.
  Another nice way to freshen towels is to add a lavender rinse to the wash cycle. People have used lavender for centuries for cleaning purposes due to its fresh scent and antiseptic properties. (To make the rinse: Fill a small muslin sachet with lavender flowers. Bring 3 cups of water to boil in a saucepan. Add the sachet to the boiling water. Cover and simmer for 15 minutes. Add the resulting infusion to the rinse cycle of the wash.)