Seedling Good Things for Boys

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Item# 76249-OS-MULTI

Overview & Details

  • Kids’ activity set.
  • A perfect gift to inspire creativity.
  • Old-fashioned toys and activities.
  • Includes a wooden balloon, powered boat, juggling balls, dominoes, playing cards, glider plane, notepad, and pencil.
  • Perfect for take-a-long play.
  • Ages 5+.
  • Imported.

Keep kids busy for hours with this ingenious set by Seedling® filled with old-fashioned toys, crafts and more. Kit includes supplies for dozens of activities—and none of them require computers, tablets, or high tech devices of any kind! Introduce your kids to good old fashioned fun with this kit which comes with wooden balloon, powered boat, juggling balls, dominos, playing cards, glider plane, notepad and pencil.

Seedling® of New Zealand is a well-loved brand that creates high-quality craft and activity kits that give children the opportunity to explore their world and their abilities. Founded in 2006 by a mother of two, Phoebe Hayman wanted to create products that inspire a passion for creative thought. Seedling® believes given the right tools, opportunities, and experiences, a child’s potential is unlimited.