What is a foundation and why do I need one?

A foundation is a wooden box with wooden slats on top, typically covered in cloth. A mattress foundation provides support for your mattress and prevents sagging. The Company Store foundation is made of spruce wood and includes 10 polyester covered wooden slats and is available in two profile heights: 5 in. and 9 in. 

What support does the mattress require?

For optimal support and warranty purposes, we strongly recommend the use of our coordinating foundation. Our mattress is also compatible with adjustable bases. Please note that another company’s foundation may not provide suitable support for The Company Store Mattress and could void your warranty.

What is the difference between a foundation and a box spring? 

A foundation is a wooden box with wooden slats on top, whereas a box spring is a wooden box with springs inside. The main difference is the support level they provide. Foundations provide a firmer sleeping surface and are ideal for all mattress types, while box springs only work with lighter mattresses. The Company Store Mattress requires a mattress foundation for proper support.  

Can I order the foundation separately? 

No, you cannot order the foundation without also ordering The Company Store Mattress.