LaCrosse® LoftAIRE Pillow

Get your best sleep ever!

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Limited Time Only! 2 for $89 (standard size)

The best pillow ever is closer than you think. Once again, The Company Store® brings you the best sleep ever now with the LaCrosse® LoftAIRE Pillow.


The inner core provides firmness while the outer chamber provides softness.

Lifetime Guarantee

All products assembled in the La Crosse, WI factory may be returned at any time.

The best of both worlds!

The dual-chamber construction ensures superior support for all sleep styles. The inner core provides firmness while the outer chamber, filled with LoftAIRE, provides softness.

LaCrosse® LoftAIRE Pillow
Starting at 2 for $89
(standard size)

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Over 100 years of experience...

You've come to the experts in comfort. Assembled in Wisconsin with a lifetime guarantee, our LoftAIRE filling, and dual-core structure gives your head the perfect balance of softness and support.

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