Down Care

How do I care for my down comforter and pillows?

When you first unpack your down comforter or pillow, it may appear wrinkled and flat. You can restore the natural loft by vigorously shaking or fluffing in your dryer on LOW.

Air your new comforter or pillow out of direct sunlight, for a day or two before using for the first time and then every 3 to 6 months thereafter.

With proper care, your down comforter or pillow will give you years of comfort. A comforter cover or pillow protector will extend its life even more.

Comforter Cleaning: Hand wash or machine wash your down comforter separately, in a large tumble washer. Use WARM water and mild detergent on DELICATE (do not bleach). Make sure it's thoroughly rinsed before drying on LOW in a large-capacity dryer. You may need to gently steam the fabric shell of your comforter to remove stubborn wrinkles but NEVER IRON.

The above instructions will ensure a long life for your down comforter. Although more expensive, you may also have your comforter dry cleaned.

Pillow Cleaning: Dry clean only. Take your down and feather pillow to a reputable dry cleaner experienced in cleaning such items. Do not machine wash or dry clean in a do-it-yourself cleaner.