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Down and Down Alternative Duvet Inserts

Lofty, warm duvet inserts keep your bed cozy, no matter the weather. Also referred to as 'comforter inserts,' this favorite bedding item comes in lightweight styles that will suit warm sleepers and climates, mid-weight inserts to span the seasons, and ultra-warm inserts that provide maximum insulation for ultimate comfort—even in the coldest temperatures! Explore our range of high-quality down items, including RDS-Certified down duvet inserts. Look for the same elements you'd consider when choosing a comforter: baffled or box construction, cotton twill or sateen shells, and know that all of our down is hypoallergenic and exceeds government regulations for cleanliness.

Those with allergies or who prefer a down-free bedding option will enjoy our LoftAIRE and PrimaLoft® down alternative duvet inserts. These synthetic duvet insert fills mimic down’s famed loft and warmth, without a trace of down. When paired with a duvet cover, inserts are an ideal way to update your decor whenever you wish. Choose a down or down alternative duvet insert and add a solid or patterned cover for sumptuous comfort that reflects your good taste.

Duvet Inserts Q&A

Is Down or Down Alternative Better for a Duvet Insert?

When choosing between down and down alternative, both options are lightweight and breathable, and while down lasts a bit longer than down alternative, the choice mostly comes down to personal preference.

What Warmth Level Duvet Insert Do I Need?

Choose an extra-warm or ultra-warm comforter for cold seasons or cool sleepers, a medium or lightweight duvet insert for warm sleepers or any-season use, or a dual-warmth option for couples with different sleep preferences.

Can You Use a Duvet Insert in the Summer?

A lightweight or all-season down or down alternative duvet insert is breathable and may offer just-right comfort through the summer or in warm climates.

Are Duvet Inserts Machine Washable?

Most of our duvet inserts are machine washable—including the down varieties—but always refer to the care instructions listed for each product.