Ultra Fleece Mattress Pad

$219.00 - $459.00

Overview & Details

  • Wool fleece mattress pad.
  • Our thickest and fluffiest mattress pad.
  • Mattress pad topped with 2" of 100% American wool pile with long fibers for extra comfort.
  • Wool fleece mattress pad features cotton back.
  • Wide elastic straps securely attaches mattress pad to mattress.
  • Wool fleece mattress pad available in twin, full, queen and king sizes.
  • Dry clean only.
  • Made in USA.

Experience the ultimate in plush comfort with our thickest and fluffiest mattress pad yet. When your mattress alone doesn’t offer enough cozy comfort, our ultra soft fleece mattress pad is a perfect addition to your bed. Made with a full 2” of 100% American wool pile featuring long fibers for extra comfort, the surface of this fleece wool mattress pad embraces your body in a bed of snug softness. You’ll never have trouble drifting off to sleep on this wool fleece mattress pad but you may have a hard time leaving the bed’s warm embrace!

Designed with a crisp cotton back, the alluring mattress pad also features wide elastic straps on the corners that securely attach to the mattress for a snug fit. This 100% American wool mattress pad is sure to become a favorite.

Top every bed in your home with this irresistible wool fleece mattress pad so everyone can enjoy the fluffy soft sleeping surface. Your whole household will appreciate the sumptuous softness created by this 100% American wool pile mattress pad. Available in twin, full, queen and king sizes, this wool layer takes any bed from ordinary to extraordinary.




would you put your sheets right on top of this, or use a mattress pad on top of this? thank you


Hi - The Ultra Fleece Mattress Pad can go directly under your fitted sheet. This item is dry clean only so you may also use it with a mattress pad over the top for added protection if necessary. Thank you.

Customer Service

My mattress is deep, 14" and I'm wondering if the elastic straps will fit? Thanks!


Hi- Yes the elastic straps will fit a 14" mattress. The Ultra Fleece mattress pad strap is 19" long. Thank you.

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What is the difference between Merino wool and wool pile in the two wool mattress pads you sell? Also are both taken from live animals where their coats are sheered vs. hides? Thank you.


Hi- The Ultra Fleece Mattress Pad and the Imperial Wool Mattress Pad are both made from 100% Merino wool. The difference between them is the Imperial wool mattress pad is made from virgin wool that has never been processed: this means it's supremely soft, but is not moth-proof. The wool is sheered from live animals. Thank you.

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Hello, do you have to treat this pad to repel moths? If so, what product would you use?


Hi Laurel - We have not had any reports of issues with moths for our Ultra Fleece Mattress Pad. Our research indicates that moths should not bother the wool mattress pad if it is in use. We recommend covering the item with your sheets to help keep it clean and protected. We would not recommend apply anything to the mattress pad as it may ruin or discolor the item. If storing the item it is recommend to store in a container that is breathable and protected from moths. Some suggestions for storing would be in a suit case or cardboard box with the seams taped and to store in a cool place. If moths are an issue for you we would recommend pheromone moth traps or moth balls. Thank you.

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Please tell me how many lbs this pad weighs, and how many lbs the Imperial Wool pad weighs. Thank you, David Calkins


Hi David. The Ultra Fleece Mattress Pad weighs King 15.2 lbs, Queen 11.3 lbs, Full 9.6 lbs, Twin 7.1 lbs. The Imperial Wool Mattress Pad weighs King 7.35 lbs, Cal King 7.25 lbs, Queen 5.7 lbs, Full 4.6 lbs, LT 3.8 lbs and Twin 3.45 lbs. This is folded and ready for shipping. Thank you.

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I'm trying to compare the density of the ultra fleece to the imperial wool. A previous question asked with regard to this one and was answered. "The Ultra Fleece mattress pad is 86 oz. per linear yard." What would this measurement be for the Imperial? Thank you.


Hello - The Ultra Fleece Mattress pad is 55 oz. per linear yard. Thank you.

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Is the Ultra Fleece mattress pad 86 oz. or 55 oz. per linear yard? Below on a different question it says 86 oz. and this question is answered 55 oz. Maybe the Imperial is 55 oz. ? Thanks for clarifying.


Sorry for the detail, but here goes: I'm a 59 yr old female, side sleeper, with fibromyalgia, arthritis and lumbar spine issues, tend to get too hot at night. I'm also 5 ft 7 inches and 145 lbs. Hoping for some additional pressure relief and cooling with my current memory foam mattress. Have tried 3 new mattresses in the last year and getting very frustrated. Additional memory foam, latex, and egg crate foam have failed. Can you tell me how stiff this product is right out of the package? Also, how many buyers return this after trying and for what reasons?


Hello. The Ultra Fleece Mattress Pad is thick, fluffy and very soft. We do not have the numbers on returns. This wool mattress pad is comfortable, breathable, it cushions your pressure points, it is a natural insulator, keeps you warm when you need to be warm and keeps you cool when you need to be cool. It wicks away moisture. I owned one for almost 30 years and can attest to all of this. The customer reviews are all good if you care to read them you can hear about others personal experiences with this mattress pad. Call 1(800) 289-8508 if you have any more questions. Thank you.

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Does this mattress pad heat up at night?


Hi- The Ultra Fleece Mattress Pad should not heat up at night. Wool is a natural thermostat. It wicks moisture away from your body on hot nights while acting as a natural insulator on cold nights. Thank you.

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Can you tell me how many oz of fleece wool fabric there is per square yard? Thank you!


Hello - The Ultra Fleece mattress pad is 86 oz. per linear yard. Thank you.

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any Cal-King size?


Hi Ray. The Ultra Fleece Mattress Pad is not made in California King Size. Our Imperial Wool Mattress Pad does come in California King. The item number is M410 if you would like to read the overview on this mattress pad. Thank you.

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Ultra Fleece Mattress Pad

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Ultra Fleece Mattress Pad
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$219.00 - $459.00