Tuck A Child In
For The Holidays

Most children worry about the monsters under the bed. The kids at Ronald McDonald House of NY also worry about a different monster: pediatric cancer.

The Company Store and CompanyKids are proud to partner with Ronald McDonald House of NY, a leading provider of temporary housing for pediatric cancer patients and their families, by donating thousands of cozy, warm fleece blankets from our collection. It's our hope that these blankets will provide comfort to the kids during treatment for pediatric cancer, and back at the House with their families.

“Many patients undergoing cancer treatment experience flu-like symptoms including fever, muscle and joint aches, and chills, so it is important that we provide every patient staying with us the same secure and warm environment that they would have at home,” says Bill Sullivan, president and CEO of Ronald McDonald House.

We hope that the simple act of sharing a cozy blanket with a child undergoing medical treatment will help make their hospital visits more comfortable. Sometimes all it takes is that little bit of extra security to help subside a child’s worries so they can focus on what’s important — getting healthy.

For every comforter that was sold between November 15 and December 31, 2009, a fleece blanket was gifted to the Ronald McDonald House of NY to comfort a child with pediatric cancer.

To learn more about Ronald McDonald House of NY, visit www.rmh-newyork.org.