Earthquake Relief

The Company Store has united with Partners In Health (PIH) to support Haiti as massive cleanup efforts continue and the rebuilding process begins.

Though the numbers are still not finalized, it is estimated that more than three million people were affected by the devastating quake that left Haitians without adequate medical supplies, food and water, or very basic necessities like clean sheets.

Though food, water and medical supplies are among the most needed supplies at the moment, having clean bedding and towels is also important to help stave off communicable diseases, which may become a greater problem in the weeks ahead, as tens of thousands of people are now living in crowded temporary shelters.

In total, The Company Store has distributed more than 6,000 sheet sets, towels, and blankets through Partners In Health, as the non-profit organization continues providing supplies and medical services to Haiti. All items are being transported by M&M Transfer, who donated the driver, tractor and trailer for this aid effort.

If you would like to help the people of Haiti please go to www.pih.org and donate.