Flannel Sheets

Warmth, softness and all-over comfort are the hallmarks of our flannel sheets. Flannel is made with a raised weave that's combed to create a rich, soft fabric that keeps in warmth while providing unparalelled comfort. Choose from vibrant solids or eye-catching prints.

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Flannel Sheets

There's nothing like the warmth, softness and all-over comfort of flannel sheets. We're proud to offer this soft, luxurious fabric in a variety of rich hues and eye-pleasing patterns.

What is flannel?

Flannel was first developed in Wales in the 17th century. By adding a slightly raised surface, or nap, to woven wool, weavers discovered an uncommonly soft fabric that kept people warmer despite its light weight. Most important for us, this nap is also what gives flannel the delicious softness it's so famous for. In modern times, cotton is frequently substituted for wool, and flannel has moved from the colder parts of the world to more widespread use in bedding and sleepwear – anywhere people could use a little extra warmth in the winter months.

Our flannel bedding

Our 5 ounce solid flannel sheets come in a variety of rich tones. They're thick and supremely soft, providing warmth that's a pleasure to dive into in the cold winter months. The same sumptuous quality, with a twist: Velvet Lace Flannel Sheets are sewn with a pleasing lace-edged pattern that suggests the elegant bedding of yore. Top it off with softness — complete your bedding ensemble with a flannel duvet cover.