Rug Comfort Grip

$10.00 - $69.00

Overview & Details

  • Rug grip made from a high-quality synthetic fabric coated with a high-grade vinyl compound that gives the pad a rich, luxurious feel and supports the rug evenly to help retain its appearance.
  • Features superior grip to keep rugs from sliding and slipping on hard surfaces.
  • Balanced open-weave construction that allows maximum air circulation and makes vacuum easy.
  • Treated with MSM-Fresh® Anti-microbial to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria, mold, and mildew.
  • Fire-retardant, and mothproofed, and can be custom cut to fit any size rug.
  • Guaranteed to maintain its "non-slip" properties for 10 years with proper maintenance.
  • Made in USA and China.
  • Handwash in warm water with a light detergent. Rinse and air-dry by hanging.

Protect your rug investment with our Rug Comfort Grip. An essential if you have children in the home, our rug grip evens out of your rug and prevents slipping and sliding. Even adults can trip over bunched-up wrinkles or folded corners. Our Rug Comfort Grip offers endless benefits—it makes throw rugs safer, more comfortable to walk on, and keeps color from transferring from the rug to hardwood floors.

Made from a high-quality synthetic fabric coated with a high-grade vinyl compound, our Rug Comfort Grip pad has a rich, luxurious feel. Designed to work on countless floor surfaces, our handy rug grip is a versatile item that should be paired with every rug in your home. We carry rug grips for every size of rug we sell. Plus, our Rug Comfort Grip is guaranteed to maintain its non-slip properties for 10 years with proper maintenance.




Can the rug pad be cut to size


Hello Jo-Ann - The Rug Comfort Grip can be cut down to the size needed. Please note once the item is altered it can no longer be returned. Thank you.

Customer Service

My question is about the Tule Rug. The description says it is fire retardant. What does this mean? Was it treated with something? And if so what. Thank you


Hi Jo - The rug is not fire resistant and has not been treated with anything. The rug grip which is on the same page, however, is fire resistant. Thank you.

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What is the thickness of the Links rug? 1/2" etc ? Let me know please.


HI Debbie - The Links Rug is approximately 1 inch thick. Thank you.

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Regarding item #UK85, the Wool/Jute Loop Rug - What are the cleaning instruction for this item? I need a runner for an entryway and am concerned that because of the wool content, it might require spot cleaning, which would not work well for my purpose. Also, I need to know the "depth" of the pile - it would have to be thin enough for my front door to clear it when the door is opened.


Hi Anna - Item UK85 is spot clean only and measures approximately 1/2 inch in height. Thank you.

Customer Service

Does the Sea Glass Rug have a backing of any sort or is it reversible? If there is a backing, describe it please. Glued? rubber or latex? Thank you


Hi Camilla - The Sea Glass Rug does not have a backing. It is self reversing as far as the pattern, however, there is a hem on the other side that can be seen. Thank you.

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Is this rug still available in 3 foot round or has the round shape been discontinued?


Hi Hunter- We would be happy to check the availability of the rug if you could please give us the name or item number you are look at. Thank you.

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I am interested in the python rug. How thick is the pile? I tried to put this question on the Python Rug but it kept flipping to this "rug comfort grip" page. Not sure what the problem is, but I am interested in the python rug.


Hi - The thickness of the Python rug is 8-10MM. Thank you.

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What is the weight(pounds) of your 8x10 Mirage solid rug. Would his type of rug be suitable to be used outside our Airstream periodically? We need something light weight an easy to care for. Thanks , the Carl's


Hello. The Mirage Rug 8 x 10 weighs 33.5 lbs. Durable craftsmanship withstands high-traffic areas. The colorful Mirage rugs even reverse to the same lovely look and feel on the other side for double the wear. Rug grip recommended (sold separately). Spot clean. Thank you.

What is the size of the small squares in the "square block rug" (not the size of the rugs, but the size of the squares that make up the rug). Thanks.


Hello - The smallest squares are approximately 5 inches. Thank you.

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How thick is the rug???

Curious shopper

Hello - We apologize, however, your inquiry came through as the Rug Comfort Grip. Our apologies. Please resubmit your inquiry and specify the name/item number of the rug you are interested in. Thank you.

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Rug Comfort Grip

Item# UL21
Rug Comfort Grip
Color: Beige
Availability: Select Styles for Availability
$10.00 - $69.00