Black Label™ PrimaLoft® Fiberbed

$219.00 - $319.00

Overview & Details

  • Antimicrobial, hypoallergenic down alternative fiberbed.
  • 300-thread count cotton shell fiberbed meets Oeko-Tex® 100 standards – certified to be free of all harmful substances and chemicals.
  • Down alternative fiberbed filled with Black Label™ PrimaLoft®.
  • Hypoallergenic bedding hinders dust mites, dander, odors, bacteria, mold and allergens.
  • Spot clean only.
  • Hypoallergenic fiberbed available in twin, full, queen and king sizes.
  • Made in our La Crosse, WI factory of fine imported materials.
  • Exclusively ours.
  • Cannot be shipped outside of the contiguous U.S.
  • Cannot be shipped express delivery methods

Our Black Label™ PrimaLoft® adds an extra layer of sumptuous softness to your bed while also keeping allergies at bay. A practical essential, this premium down alternative fiberbed captures all the luxury, comfort and warmth you would expect of goose down. Anti-microbial and hypoallergenic, this plush down-alternative fiberbed hinders dust mites, dander, odors, bacteria, mold and allergens. Ideal for sensitive sleepers and those who suffer from allergies, our antimicrobial and allergen-free bedding can make a huge difference in the quality of your sleep. You’ll wake up feeling relaxed, refreshed and invigorated, After all, PrimaLoft® offers the world’s most luxurious down alternative bedding.

Gusseted for support and finished with soft and smooth 300-thread count shell, this premium down alternative bedding delivers just the right amount of warmth and cushioning. The ideal foundation for a great night’s sleep seven nights a week, our Black Label™ PrimaLoft® is available in a twin, full, queen and king sizes. Made in our La Crosse, WI factory of fine imported materials, you’ll only find this Black Label™ PrimaLoft® at The Company Store®. Pair our fiberbed with the other down-alternative PrimaLoft® bedding for a complete hypoallergenic bedding experience.




When it says "antimicrobial", does this mean that a chemical has been added? Or why is it described as antimicrobial?


Hello. The Black Label Primaloft Fiberbed. The Black Label fiber is an antimicrobial fiber. The antimicrobial characteristic is created from the fiber being treated with Trimethoxy sinyl propyl dimenthyl octadecyl ammonium chloride. The process is integrated into the fiber - it is not applied to the surface. The technology actually draws the organisms into itself and destroys them. It is effective against all problem microbes including bacteria, fungi and algae. It does not rub off or migrate onto the skin. All processes have been registered with global regulatory agencies and meet all requirements. Thank you.

Customer Service

Confused about how to use this product. I see an answer here which says to use the fiberbed under a fitted sheet. Then I read the description of the optional fiberbed cover and it mentions how people will appreciate the feel of the cover. How is that possible? Then I saw a MSL video re: featherbeds and she says the featherbeds are to be slept under, not over, i.e. as a duvet, which doesn't make sense to me. Please explain. Thanks.


Hello Carol - There are a couple of options for the Fiberbed. It can be used under a fitted sheet or, with a cover, on top of your fitted sheet. If you have a deep mattress, you would want to choose a fitted sheet with a deep pocket to accommodate both the mattress and the Fiberbed. I don't know why the MSL Video would recommend sleeping under a featherbed, but we recommend sleeping on top of it. Thank you.

Customer Service

Hi Carol. It is just personal preference. You can use the item either way. This item does not have straps to hold it in place so some put it under the sheet. Some people get a cover for the item and lay it on top of the sheet. You would want to sleep on top of this item. Thank you.

The Company Store

Some beds, like memory foam sleep hot. Does this bed sleep hot like this?

D in Portland

Hi - The Black Label Primaloft fiberbed would add warmth to your bed. Thank you for your inquiry.

Customer Service

Does this product have baffles between the squares to keep the filling in place?


Hi Annette. The Black Label™ PrimaLoft® Fiberbed does have a baffled square construction to keep the fill in place. Thank you for your inquiry.

Customer Service

Does this fiber bed topper work well on a firm memory foam mattress? Is it by chance on sale?


Hi Heather- Yes the fiber bed will work well on a firm memory foam mattress. It is designed to give an extra layer of sumptuous softness to your bed. Unfortunately this item is not on sale at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you.

The Company Store

Do you need to get larger sheets in order to fit the feather bed under the fitted sheet?


Hi Stacey. The Black Label™ PrimaLoft® Fiberbed. You should use the same size sheet as your mattress, just a deeper pocket. For example if your mattress is a queen size, you would use a queen size extra deep fitted sheet. We offer the extra deep fitted in our 400 Thread count, 450TC, 500TC, 600TC, and the 6.2oz flannel. Thank you for your inquiry.

Customer Service

I seen in the QA section that the weight of the queen fiberbed was stated as 11 lbs and 17 lbs... Which is it?


Hi Ken- Sorry for any inconvenience. The fiber bed in queen size would weight approximately 17 lbs. The 11 lbs stated was just for the fill of the fiber bed. With the shell added to this the item is approximately 17 lbs. Thank you.

The Company Store

I love this topper. But I see no ties or anything that will hold it down like your others. Is there a skirt or tie on this. Also will my fitted sheets fit over it? I saw one review that said sheets were hated to get on.


Hi Carolann - The Black Label PrimaLoft Fiberbed does not have straps or ties. This item is intended to lay on top of the mattress. We do recommend either putting this item under your fitted sheet or covering it with one of our featherbed covers. This item is about 4 inches thick and our standard sheets will fit up to a 15 inch mattress so if your mattress is 10-11 inches or less our sheets would fit over both. If your mattress is thicker you may need extra deep sheets to accommodate the mattress and Fiberbed. Here is a link to our Featherbed Covers .Thank you.

Customer Service

My deep pocket sheets fit over it fine. No ties


Will this topper fit a California King size bed?


Hello Devan - The king size Black Label PrimaLoft Fiberbed is 78" x 80" and would not fit a California King bed. A California King mattress is 72" x 84". Thank you.

Customer Service

How much does the queen-sized version of this fiberbed weigh?


Hi - The queen Black Label Primaloft fiberbed weighs approximately 17 pounds. Thank you.

Customer Service


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Lifetime Guarantee
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Black Label™ PrimaLoft® Fiberbed

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Black Label™ PrimaLoft® Fiberbed
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$219.00 - $319.00