TCS® Down-Free™ Fill Knee Wedge Pillow, Medium


Overview & Details

  • Knee wedge pillow with medium firmness, made with down-free hypoallergenic fill.
  • Down alternative pillow provides enhanced comfort and support for your legs and encourages better posture while sitting.
  • Also available in down and TCS® Down-Free™ fills, so you can find the perfect pillow for your needs.
  • Made with care in La Crosse, Wisconsin factory.
  • Machine wash.
  • Exclusively ours.
  • Imported and domestic materials.

Make your end-of-day routine even more comfortable with our down alternative knee wedge pillow. This smartly designed pillow features a triangle shape, which provides support underneath your legs as you sit or lie in bed. A must-have accessory for those who love to read or watch TV in bed, the knee wedge provides cushioning beneath your knees, allowing you to keep your legs bent in a more comfortable position.

More than just a cozy pillow, our knee wedge promotes better posture as you're sitting in bed. This can help prevent the aches and cricks in your back that develop when you don't have the right support in the right places. By keeping your knees bent and relaxed, the pillow helps ensure that you are seated correctly and comfortably. The knee wedge also makes it easier to keep a magazine, tablet or book in your lap. Perfect for allergy sufferers, it's made with our exclusive down-free hypoallergenic fill, which provides the perfect blend of softness and support.

Want to take your comfort to the next level? Be sure to look for our bed rest pillow and reading wedge (each sold separately), both designed to increase comfort and encourage better posture while reading in bed. Make your sleep space even more complete by shopping our wide variety of additional boudoir pillows, neckrolls and more. Available exclusively at The Company Store®.





TCS® Down-Free™ Fill Knee Wedge Pillow, Medium

TCS® Down-Free™ Fill Knee Wedge Pillow, Medium
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