Outdoor Rod Set

$49.00 - $59.00

Overview & Details

  • Indoor/outdoor curtain rod set.
  • Durable, easy-to-use dual mount options for rod set: inside mount or screw-mount.
  • Rust-resistant stainless steel indoor/outdoor rod set available in two finishes: Antique Brown and Stainless Steel.
  • Versatile indoor/outdoor rod set great for patios, sun porches, gazebos and more.
  • Outdoor rod set available in three sizes: 28–52 inches, 52–100 inches and 100–144 inches.
  • Rod set works well with our sheer outdoor panels available in Ivory and White.
  • Wipe clean.
  • Imported.

Versatile and durable, this indoor/outdoor curtain rod set works beautifully with our outdoor panels. Great for patios, sun porches, gazebos and more, the rod set pairs with our window panels to filter sunlight, enhance privacy and add a stylish touch. Made from weather-resistant polyester with a lovely, linen-like texture, the outdoor panels have a fluid drape and breezy elegance you’ll love. The right decorative accents, like our indoor/outdoor rod set and sheer window panels, make all the difference in creating a warm and welcoming ambiance.

Hardware and brackets included for wall, ceiling or inside mount installation. Sturdy 1" diameter metal. The indoor/outdoor rod set will hold up well over time in all climates and temperatures. Designed to work in a variety of settings, the rods are available in your choice of classic stainless steel or antique brown finish. Choose the outdoor rod set in three different sizes, 28–52 inches, 52–100 inches and 100–144 inches, to find the perfect one for your indoor or outdoor living space.




What is the weight capacity of the medium rod? Can I hang canvas drapes on this rod?


Hello Laurie - Unfortunately, we do not have the weight capacity information, however canvas drapes should be fine on this rod. Thank you.

Customer Service

Can the support brackets be installed on an aluminum patio cover (Aluma Wood)? I understand how screws can be secured in wood but am unsure if they can be secured in aluminum.


Hello - Yes, the Outdoor Rod Set can be screwed into aluminum. Thank you.

Customer Service

What does the center support look like for the larger rod? Can it be hung sideways as opposed to the ceiling? What are the dimensions of the support?


Hello Meagan - The support is a bracket. The ends of the rods are flat so they are flush to the surface you are screwing the rod into. Thank you.

Customer Service

what do the ends of the rods look like? are their finials or unfinished end. there is no picture


Hello Stacy - The ends of the rods are flat so they are flush to the surface you are screwing the rod into. Thank you.

Customer Service

Does the rod have to be screwed into a post/etc or is it a tension beam? I have a vinyl patio and only want to hang shears and didn't want to have to screw in rod


Hello - The Outdoor Rod can be mounted with spring tension or screw-mount. Thank you.

Customer Service

Is the center support necessary for a 133" span? Is it screwed in at wall? Will it support something heavier than sheers?


Hi- We would recommend to use a center support for that size. You would need to screw the brackets to the wall. The item should hold something heavier then sheers as long as you have the center support. Thank you.

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I need a rod for a 100in patio door panel that does not require a center support. Will this fit the bill?


Hi Ashlie- Unfortunately we would recommend a center support with the outdoor rod set. Sorry for any inconvenience. Thank you.

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Does the longer rod come with a bracket for the middle for support?


Hi Eric- Yes the larger rod does come with a middle bracket for support. Thank you.

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Can this rod be cut down? We actually need for inside mount but we only have 23 3/4".


Hi Harriett- We would not recommend to cut down this item. We do have some other rod sets that do come in a 18-36". We have item WA01- Cap End Rod set, WA04- Ball End rod set, Wa05-Square rod set, WA06- Urn Rod set, and WA08- Knob rod set. We also have item WA09- Outdoor Tension rod that would measure 18 x 30". Thank you.

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Is their a joiner bracket, so that I can buy two rods and create a 16 foot length?


Hi- Unfortunately item WA07 the outdoor rod set does not have a joiner bracket. We do have another item WA09 and WA10 the outdoor tension rod and joiner. We would recommend 3 of the WA09 in the size 52-90" with two of the WA10 the joiners. If you put all three rods at 64" with the joiners you would be able to have the 16 foot length evenly. Thank you.

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Outdoor Rod Set

Item# WA07
Outdoor Rod Set
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$49.00 - $59.00