Moulin Roty Large Tool Box Set


Overview & Details

  • Ages 6+
  • Tool box measures 9" x 12" x 3"
  • Saw will not cut wood or skin but will cut through cardboard
  • The tools are real!
  • Super handy around the house
  • Unlimited project possibilities for children while working under adult supervision that help teach them important life skills, including perserverance, patience, and the satisfaction of personal accomplishments.
  • Teaches use & safety of tools, passing down knowledge gained from grandparents to parents to child
  • Teaches cooperation and learning through fun, hands-on real tools.

Comes equipped with all the tools needed to work alongside a parent or that favorite grandparent that is always fixing something. Made of wood and metal, all tools are made to use on real projects but adapted to small hands. Set includes: a hammer, Philips and regular screwdrivers, piers, T-square, ruler (with metric measurements), c-clamp, sanding block, saw, chisel, and planer. To be used under adult supervision.






Moulin Roty Large Tool Box Set

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Moulin Roty Large Tool Box Set
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