Ultra Fleece Mattress Pad

$219.00 - $459.00

Overview & Details

  • Wool fleece mattress pad
  • Our thickest and fluffiest mattress pad
  • Topped with 2 in. of 100% American wool pile with long fibers for extra comfort
  • Wool fleece mattress pad features cotton back
  • Wide elastic straps securely attach mattress pad to mattress
  • Available in sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, and King
  • Assembled in the USA

Experience the ultimate in plush comfort with our thickest and fluffiest mattress pad yet. When your mattress alone doesn’t offer enough cozy comfort, our ultra-soft fleece mattress pad is a perfect addition to your bed. Made with a full 2 in. of 100% American wool pile featuring long fibers for extra comfort, the surface of this fleece wool mattress pad embraces your body in a bed of snug softness. You’ll never have trouble drifting off to sleep on this wool fleece mattress pad but you may have a hard time leaving the bed’s warm embrace!

Designed with a crisp cotton back, the alluring mattress pad also features wide elastic straps on the corners that securely attach to the mattress for a snug fit. This 100% American wool mattress pad is sure to become a favorite. Top every bed in your home with this irresistible wool fleece mattress pad so everyone can enjoy the fluffy soft sleeping surface. Your whole household will appreciate the sumptuous softness created by this 100% American wool pile mattress pad and takes any bed from ordinary to extraordinary.

Care Instructions

  • Dry clean only
  • Ultra Fleece Mattress Pad

    Item# M575
    Ultra Fleece Mattress Pad
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    $219.00 - $459.00