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Kids Beach and Pool Gear

Summer Fun in the Water

It's hard to find a better way to spend a hot summer day than lounging on the beach or laying poolside. Of course with every water adventure you're going to need a reliable towel to dry off and a beach bag to transport all of your children's water games and toys. Company Kids is your one stop shop for the best in children's beach towels and beach totes.

Fun and playful designs

Our comfy kids' beach towels come in fun and playful designs that make a statement no matter what water setting you find yourselves. Choose between our whimsical and brightly colored Butterfly, Tiki, Mermaid, Shark, Lady Bug and Maritime designs. Made from 100 percent soft and thirsty cotton, your little ones will love wrapping up in these beach towels after a refreshing dip on a hot day.

Coordinate towels and totes

Match your child's favorite beach towel design with a coordinating kid's beach tote in lady bug, tiki and mermaid designs, plus more! The sturdy and well-crafted kids beach totes will keep everything from sunscreen and beach toys to your lunchtime snacks safe from sand and splashes with its zippered closure. Each tote comes fixed with conveniently sized rope handles you can throw over your shoulder on-the-go.