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Kids' Bedroom Accessories

Liven up any room décor with stylish accessories. A quick and easy addition to any room, our kids’ hampers and drawer pulls are made with Company Kids’ own high-quality craftsmanship and superior designs to give your child’s room a boost of personality.

Teach your children to neatly store their laundry instead of throwing it on the floor with our Dylan Hampers. Our vintage style kids’ hampers are conveniently sized for your child’s bedroom or the bathroom. Available in a set of two, the white or silver mesh designs are unobtrusive, adding a sense of sophistication to your child’s bedroom. Made with fashionable dual-wooden handles, our Dylan Hampers are easy to carry around the house and to the laundry room.

Colorful wooden kids’ drawer pulls add a cheerful and spring-like look to your child’s closets, desks and chests. Designed in star, heart and flower shapes, these drawer pulls are a great addition in your little princesses’ room. Choose from vibrant colors like yellow, pastel purple, aqua, magenta, orange and fuchsia to find the perfect color to match your child’s unique style. Coordinate our kids’ drawer pulls with our Bella Collection of kids’ furniture fully completing the classy look in your child’s bedroom.