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Kids Hooded Towels

Dress Up After Bath

A child’s creativity is sparked by almost anything and Company Kids’ hooded towels are a magnificent source of inspiration. Take our hooded towels to the beach or pool and, of course, use them in the bathroom. Our wide selection of hooded towels gives children a warm and cozy hood, and the playful designs will influence countless adventures by the water.

Play Ball

We have styles for girls and boys, including our young slugger-inspired Baseball Hooded Towel. This fashionable, adorable hooded towel is perfect for the future All-Star in the family. With a stitched-in glove and a wearable ballcap-styled hood, your little leaguer will love wrapping himself in our Baseball Hooded Towel, while he imagines playing professionally in the Big Show.

Undersea Beauty

For the family members who aren’t as sports-minded, we feature our Butterfly Hooded Towel. This whimsical and comfortable towel is full of butterfly patterns and lovely colors. Your little girl will glide her way onto the beach or into the pool, then dry off by simply flapping her wings. All our hooded towels are made from soft, 100-percent cotton, providing extra coziness whenever and wherever needed.

Matching Fun For Mom and Daughter

We have several other themed hooded towels to match your child’s unique personality, including unicorn, mermaid, airplane and tiger print. You can also monogram these hooded towels with your child’s initials, making it his or hers forever.