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Kids Slumber Bags

Comfortable and cozy sleeping bags

No matter where your child is spending the night, whether it's at a friend's house watching movies, under the stars on a family camping trip or just taking a quick nap on the couch, you want them to be warm, comfortable and cozy. Exclusively at Company Kids you'll find high-quality kids sleeping bags so they can take superior comfort with them everywhere.

The LaCrosse® Jr. Slumber Bag

Company Kids' own LaCrosse Jr. Slumber Bag is ideal for children ages 3 and up. Lined with The Company Store's exclusive down-free fill, this slumber bag provides top-notch warmth and comfort in any sleeping environment. Your child will love our solid and color block patterns – pair Limeade with Blue Tide or Peacock with Sunset for the color block patterns, or choose one of the four colors on their own. Further personalize your child's slumber bag by adding monogrammed initials. For enhanced portability, the LaCrosse Jr. Slumber Bag is fixed with Velcro ties for efficient roll-up ability.

Sleepover Gear

Girls who want a sleepover with dolly will adore our matching LaCrosse Jr. Doll Slumber Bag; the one-of-a-kind accessory will significantly enhance your daughter's slumber parties and daily playtime. Made with 100 percent poly fleece lining the LaCrosse Jr. Doll Slumber Bag is perfect for all dolls 18-inches in length. With a zip closure your daughter can rest easy knowing her favorite doll is comfortably sleeping for the night. Available in a solid Peacock or Sunset or the charming color block pattern, the Jr. Doll Slumber Bag is machine washable and equipped with the same Velcro ties for convenient portability.