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Kids Towels & Robes

Restyle Your Kids' Bath Area

Revamp your child's bathroom look with the style and comfort found in our kids' bath towels and children's robes. Made with Company Kids' own attention to detail and designed with styles kids love, your little ones will enjoy picking out their favorite matching kids' towels and kids' bath robes.

Kids Love Dressing Like their Parents

Start by giving your child his or her very own bath robe. Kids' robes promote after-bath fun and keep your child warm and cozy. Check out our girls mermaid robe, girls pony robe or for boys, our boys crest robe and boys lizard robe. The soft robes are made with long sleeves, a hand-tie belt and a fun hood for comfort. Look into kids' personalized robes or towels to further customize your child's bath attire with his or her initials.

A New Look with kids' bath towels

Our children's towels are designed to give your child years of warmth and comfort providing the same high-quality absorbency with every use. Our towel sets are offered to match the available robe designs, further enhancing the bathroom décor.

Hooded Towels: Bath (or Summer) Fun

Check out our tiger hooded towel, mermaid hooded towel, baseball hooded towel, unicorn hooded towel and airplane hooded towel... they're perfect for the bathroom, the beach and even the pool. Keep it simple yet sophisticated with our signature cotton towels offered in 11 vibrant colors from hibiscus and saffron to cherry and bubblegum.