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Joy Napkin Box by Mariposa

Reg: $48.00

Item# YA69
Reg: $48.00
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  • An essential for holiday gatherings with friends and family
  • Great hostess gift
  • Handcrafted of recycled sand-cast aluminum
  • Designed by American sculptor Michael Updike
  • 5¾” x 5¾” x 1½”
  • Luxurious beaded trim on napkin box
  • Includes Mariposa’s signature napkin weight in JOY design
  • Includes 20 red and white festive high-quality napkins
  • Polished to a gleaming finish
  • Wipe clean
  • Imported

An entertaining essential to bring “JOY” to the holidays. Elegant handcrafted napkin box from Mariposa’s comes with everything to get the festivities flowing: a box with luxurious beaded trim, a “joy” napkin weight and 20 designer cocktail napkins. Napkin box and weight are handcrafted of recycled sand-cast aluminum and buffed to a gleaming finish.

We have a strong appreciation for craftsmanship, which is why we chose Mariposa as one of our favorite brands. Each piece is designed by American master sculptor Michael Updike and handcrafted individually through a sand casting and polishing process that elevates aluminum giftware to a whole new level. The result – glistening creations that combine art form with functionality, elegance with whimsy. What’s more, every product is made from recycled materials in step with Mariposa’s commitment to environmental responsibility.