Jelly-Soft™ Pillow


Overview & Details

  • Lightweight memory foam pillow.
  • Jelly-Soft™ has a unique, state-of-the-art formula which makes it lighter and ventilated for better air flow and breathability, keeping you cool while you sleep.
  • Memory foam pillows add therapeutic pressure point relief for your neck and shoulders for the ultimate sleep experience.
  • Crafted from lightweight, breathable memory foam.
  • Wrapped in a sumptuous velour cover that removes for machine washing.
  • Cover is 85% microfiber/15% spandex.
  • Machine wash cover and dry low setting.
  • Imported.

Marshmallow soft, our Jelly-Soft™ Memory Foam Traditional Pillow revolutionizes standard memory foam – with extraordinary therapeutic pressure relieving material. The Jelly-Soft™ Memory Foam Traditional Pillow combines our already soft marshmallow formula of memory foam with an extraordinary new formula to bring added softness without compromising the superior support and cushioning of memory foam – ending the misconception that all memory foam pillows are too firm.

The result is a memory foam pillow that is not too stiff, molds perfectly to the shape of your neck and head, relieving pressure points while simultaneously keeping you cool, comfortable and perfectly supported for the ultimate sleep experience. Unique “wave” channels on the top and bottom surface of the pillow allow for a softer and more cushiony feel while providing better air circulation and breathability on both sides. Our Jelly-Soft™ Memory Foam Traditional Pillow is enveloped in a sleek, knit fabric cover that removes for easy care.





Jelly-Soft™ Pillow

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Jelly-Soft™ Pillow
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