Imperial Wool Mattress Pad

$169.00 - $309.00

Overview & Details

  • Plush 1¼" thick 100% American wool acts as a natural thermostat.
  • It wicks moisture away from your body on hot nights while acting as a natural insulator on cold nights.
  • Wool is hypoallergenic and repels allergens and dust mites.
  • The natural solution to a perfect night's sleep.
  • Wide elastic straps stretch to firmly grip any mattress.
  • Natural.
  • Machine wash/dry.
  • USA.
  • Top made of 1 1/4" Thick American Virgin Merino Wool.
  • Back: 100% synthetic fibers.
  • Please note that virgin wool has never been processed: this means it's supremely soft, but is not moth-proof.




Hello - I want this pad for my night sweats, but my husband does not. If I got the twin size to put on my side of our cal king bed, would it stay in place? The elastic would hook over the corners on only one side. Thank you!


Hi Jo. The Imperial Wool Mattress Pad. That sounds good in theory but we could not guarantee that it would stay in place with nothing holding it down on the one side. With the fitted sheet and you laying on it, it may stay put for a while. It is up to you if you would like to try it. Thank you for your inquiry.

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Since the backing on this pad is poly, does this cause more heat retention (as compared to the all-cotton backing on the Ultra Fleece wool pad)?


Hi Lucy- The cotton backing is going to be more breathable than a poly backing. This could cause more heat retention. Both item will wick moisture away from your body on hot nights while acting as a natural insulator on cold nights. Thank you.

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Is this product used under or over the bottom fitted bed sheet?


Hello Charlie - Our wool mattress pads are generally used under the fitted sheet. Thank you.

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1) Are there any chemicals/sprays that the manufacturers use on this product? I am concerned about inhaling chemicals. Please let me know. 2) Is this product GOTS-certified? 3) Is this product organic?


Hello - The Imperial Wool Mattress has not been GOTS certified as it is not an organic product. No chemicals are used on the mattress pad. Thank you.

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Best low-tech, low-chemical way to wash, please.


Hi- We would recommend to wash in a large machine with out a center agitator on a delicate cycle with mild detergent and to dry in a large dryer on a low heat setting. Thank you.

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Trying to decide between the two wool mattress pads. Need more of a cooling effect and wondering if the thickness and/or cotton backing makes a difference. Also, do you make them anymore with the full skirt around like a fitted sheet? Thanks.


Hello Janet - I don't think that either the backing or the thickness would have any effect on the cooling properties of the wool mattress pads. Either one will give you the temperature regulation for which they are known. A thicker pad would add a little more cushion and comfort. Another difference to consider is that the Imperial Wool Pad is washable and the Ultra Fleece is dry clean only. We currently do not offer any wool mattress pads with the fitted sheet design. Thank you for your inquiry.

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I am trying to find a mattress pad for out temperpedic mattress that softens pressure points and is cooler. Would you recommend the Imperial Mattress pad?


Hi - The Imperial Wool Mattress Pad will add a nice soft layer to your mattress which will help to reduce pressure points. This item will also help to keep you cool on hot nights and warm on cold nights and should work for your intended purpose. If you are not completely satisfied you may return this item within 90 days. Thank you.

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I'm trying to make my tempupedic mattress not sleep so hot. which is better coolmax or wool?


Hi Cora- The Coolmax mattress pad is designed to wick away moisture and help keep you cool at night. The wool mattress pad will help wick away moisture on hot nights and keep you cool. Both items will help keep you cool. We do have a 90 day return policy. You can try one out and see if it works for you. If it does not you can return with in the 90 days for a refund or exchange. Thank you.

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I have dust mite and seasonal allergies as well as asthma. As per instructions from ,my allergist, I use a zippered dust mite protector on our bed and wash all bedding (including mattress pad) once a week in hot water. How often can the Imperial Wool Mattress Pad be washed and at what temperature? I don't know much about the properties of wool, so I could use some advice as to whether this would be a good product for me. Thank you.


Hello Terri - Since wool is naturally dust mite resistant, the Imperial Wool Pad should be a good choice for you. An added layer of protection would be our allergy/dust mite covers, MB19 or MB22, along with the wool. You may want to see if your allergist thinks it necessary to wash wool in hot water. In general, we recommend that the mattress pad be covered to keep it cleaner so it would not need frequent washing. The recommended washing instructions are for cold water on a delicate cycle with a mild wool detergent and no bleach. Drying instructions are for low heat. We do not have any information regarding what would result from weekly washing in hot water. Thank you for your interest.

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How snug will this fit on a 10" all latex matress?


Hi Kathleen - The corner straps on the Imperial Wool Mattress Pad will keep the pad in place and should work nicely on your 10" latex mattress. Thank you.

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Imperial Wool Mattress Pad

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Imperial Wool Mattress Pad
Color: Natural
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$169.00 - $309.00