Rug Grips & Pads

After choosing the perfect rug, protect your investment with our rug grips and pads. Enhance the comfort, safety and durability of your rug and prevent furniture from scratching floors with our long-lasting rug grips.

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Made from high-quality polyester and coated with high-grade vinyl compound, our Rug Comfort Grip provides a rich, luxurious feel while evenly supporting your rug and prolonging its life. Boasting a superior hold, our Rug Comfort Grip keeps your family and guests from slipping and sliding on hardwood floors. Made with a balanced open-weave construction, our rug grip promotes maximum air circulation making vacuuming a breeze. With proper maintenance our Rug Comfort Grip is guaranteed to maintain its non-slip properties for 10 years.

Stop tripping over bunched up, wrinkled rugs or folded corners with the All-In-One Rug Grip. This all-encompassing rug grip can be used on a full-gamut of flooring including tiles, wood, ceramic, laminate, marble, vinyl and bamboo. Reverse the All-In-One Rug Grip to use on carpeting as well. Your home décor starts from the ground up and our rug grips are here to help prevent scratching and keep your rug looking soft and smooth at all times.