Comforter Guide

Shop Down by Warmth Level

Super Light Weight
Ideal for warmer climates, summer sleeping or for those who prefer to sleep on the cooler side. This "breathable" light layer maintains body temperature. Perfect for summer or if you prefer a room temperature 74°F or above.
Light Weight
Perfect for warmer seasons and climates, or when the room is 69°F to 74°F.
Medium Weight
Our most popular weight comforter offers plenty of down fill for year round comfort or for those who keep the room at 65°F to 69°F.
Extra Warm
A cozy choice from late fall to early spring and for rooms kept between 62°F to 65°F.
Ultra Warm
Our very warmest. Perfect for people who love toasty warmth during cold winters or if the room temperature is below 62°F.