Pillows for Side Sleepers

Most adults are side sleepers. If you are, too, you’ll need a firm pillow to lift your head, support your shoulders and allow your spine to elongate comfortably, reducing aches and pains. Choose from quality goose down fills ranging from economical to exquisite, or opt for Primaloft, America’s premiere hypoallergenic down-alternative.

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Firm Pillows for Side Sleepers

Most adults sleep on their sides. Side sleeping is not only the most common sleep position, it’s great for overall health –it reduces snoring, keeps your spine elongated, and provides a clear airway for uninterrupted breathing throughout the night. We have a variety of pillows for side sleepers to choose from, and all are handcrafted to deliver luxurious comfort and dependable support.

If you are a side sleeper you’ll need firm pillows to fill the space above your shoulders so your head and neck are supported in a neutral position. Firm pillows will prevent neck and back pain as they contour and cradle your head, neck and shoulders while keeping your body in a horizontal line.

Side sleeping is also beneficial to pregnant women because it accommodates healthy blood-flow. Whether you’re a natural side sleeper or trying it out for the benefits, we have you covered. Browse our selection of sumptuous, firm pillows and enjoy a peaceful night of thorough rest.