Firm, 95% Feather/5% Down Square Pillow

SALE: $16.00-$30.00

Overview & Details

  • Square pillow made from a firm blend of 95% feather fill and 5% down.
  • Available in 5 different sizes from 16” to 30”, including a 26” Euro square pillow.
  • Use as a head pillow or stock up on several sizes to create a more luxurious spread.
  • Also available in a soft down blend and with TCS® Down Free™ fill for allergy sufferers.
  • Made with care in our La Crosse, Wisconsin factory.
  • Exclusively ours.
  • Imported and domestic materials.

Create the super cozy bed you've been dreaming about with this comfortably firm square pillow. Perfect as a decorative piece or used as an extra head pillow, our square pillow is filled with a feather-down blend that offers just the right mix of softness and support.

Choose from 5 different sizes of pillows, including our 26-inch Euro-style option, or stock up on all of them to create an ultra-comfy spread. Crafted with 95% feather fill and 5% down, each pillow has a firm, supportive feel with plenty of cushioning. By arranging several of these pillows in varying sizes at the top of your bed, you'll create your own luxurious retreat that you'll love coming home to, every night of the week.

Our feather-down square pillow is made with care at our La Crosse, Wisconsin factory. It's also available in other levels of softness, including a 50% down / 50% feather fill version, as well as a completely down-free option, perfect for allergy sufferers. If you're creating the perfect bed, be sure to shop our wide variety of additional pillows, including neckrolls, gusseted pillows, reading wedges and more. Available exclusively at The Company Store.


Firm, 95% Feather/5% Down Square Pillow

Item# P880
SALE: $16.00-$30.00

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