Detachable Box Pleat Bedskirt

SALE: $79.00-$149.00

Overview & Details

  • Detachable box pleat bed skirt.
  • Bed skirt attaches with Velcro® for easy care.
  • Available in white and ivory.
  • Machine wash.
  • Imported.

Add a handsome accent below your bed with our classic box pleat bed skirt. Offering an alluring design, this bed skirt is easy to care for too. You’ll never struggle to get a bed skirt on your mattress again… just use the Velcro® to attach and remove it in seconds. When it’s ready to wash, detach the bed skirt and toss it in the wash—the perfect look with no heavy lifting! Making your bed beautiful has never been easier. Our detachable box pleat bed skirt offers effortless elegance with a fresh new twist.

The perfect finishing touch to pull your whole room together, the right bed skirt can take your bedroom to the next level of polished style. Keeping a great-looking bed doesn’t have to be difficult—and this bed skirt proves it! The right details can make all the difference in the aesthetic your room. Plus, you can more easily use the storage space under your bed. Books, sweaters, luggage and more—the box pleat bed skirt hides it all.

Available in classic white or soothing natural, the bed skirt pairs with our exclusive bedding options. Pair the classic box pleat bed skirt with our lofty duvets, sheets, pillowcases and shams to complete your spread in ultimate style. Our detachable bed skirt is truly an effortless way to make your bed feel more warm, welcoming and put-together.


Detachable Box Pleat Bedskirt - 14" drop

Item# GP45
Detachable Box Pleat Bedskirt - 14
SALE: $79.00-$129.00

Detachable Box Pleat Bedskirt - 18" drop

Item# GP46
Detachable Box Pleat Bedskirt - 18
SALE: $99.00-$149.00

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